Who said being weird doesn’t pay off? Hi, I’m Rhys, a landscaper with a passion for barbecues, pool parties and pinching pennies.

My knack for lawncare started in boarding school. I was what you might call “mischievous,” so I was always getting into trouble. As a result, I was often given the worst punishment allowed in the school – mow the lawns. So, every month, I had the unenviable task of trimming 3-4 acres of grass.

Needless to say, I hated every moment of it… at first.

Moweronthelawn Founder

You would think that I would have tried to stop getting into trouble, but rather I tried to figure out a way to make the punishment less unbearable.

I began to wonder how I could mow lawns more efficiently. This was a large private school and yet they used pushmowers, like for real?

So, after much lobbying, I convinced my dad to donate a riding mower to the school and that is where my love affair started. What should have been punishment became a weekly joy-ride!

When I got to university, I needed a side hustle and I decided to stick with what I knew. What I didn’t know was how much money I could make taking care of people’s lawns. I was used to doing it as a chore, so I was able to underbid everyone else offering the service and soon, my client base began to expand.

By the time I reached my final year, I had a full shed of garden equipment worth at least $15k. So, while my mates were ditching classes to get some rest, I was cutting class to cut grass. Weird, yes, but worth it!

After I graduated, I took up an engineering job to fulfill all righteousness (make my parents proud), but I continued to develop the side business. After all, most lawncare happens during the weekend anyway, so it worked out great.

But as soon as my lawn earnings eclipsed my day job, I made the permanent switch. It’s been nearly two decades of taking care of gardens, lawns and open fields and I must say it has been absolutely amazing!

Now, I believe it is my responsibility to share what I’ve learned to help others, and that is why I’ve created this website.

Mission Statement

My mission for Mower on the Lawn is to teach you how to fall in love with lawncare. I will show you not just how to take care of your lawn, but why, including the therapeutic, physical, emotional and financial benefits. So, if you won’t do it because you enjoy it, at least do it for the many benefits.

The secondary purpose of the site is to help more advanced mowers and small-scale farmers know how to take care of their garden equipment.

I had to learn to fix things myself because of my small budget, but also because I didn’t want to waste my engineering degree. So, before you call a mechanic, click through our product repair pages.

How I create content

You know all those friends in uni that made fun of me? Well, a few of them decided to join me to create this wonderful brand. Together, we create content based on our experience and common problems I’ve heard about from the hundreds of clients I’ve worked with over the years.

We also look up commonly asked questions on the web. Due to the amount of research, we often have freelancers helping out.

A few of our writers have either worked on farms, studied botany or have experience with mechanical repairs. When they’re done, I go through every single piece to ensure that it is not only accurate, but easy to digest so that it will make you fall in love with lawncare.

What’s in it for you?

We have created a one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about lawncare, from choosing the right grass, how much water to use, when and how to cut it and even how to fix your tractors.

All of the information is 100% accurate and has been tried and tested by not just me, but many other experienced members of our community.

Best of all, it doesn’t cost you anything. How we get money is if you buy any product using any of our affiliate links, we get a commission and yes, if you have to refund the item because it’s trash, we lose the commission.

So trust me when I say it only pays to give you the absolute best!

Now that you know a little about me and my site, I recommend you head over to our Tips & Guide section.