10 John Deere 4066r Problems and Solutions

John Deere 4066r Problems

The John Deere 4066r is renowned for its power and dependability, but what if I told you that even I faced unexpected issues with this behemoth?

Shockingly, I’m not alone. A recent survey shows that 15% of users have encountered serious problems with this tractor model.

Whether you’re a fellow farmer or an agricultural enthusiast, this revelation demands attention.

Today, I will detail the common issues I’ve experienced and seen, providing insights that could save you time and money.

Join me in this essential exploration of a machine you thought you knew inside out.


Common John Deere 4066r Problems

The John Deere 4066r is a paragon of tractors. But even this green giant has its Achilles’ heel. Let’s delve into those pesky problems that muddy its otherwise sterling reputation

1. Malfunctioning air ride seat

After I’d clocked approximately 100 to 400 operating hours on my John Deere 4066r, I was greeted with a malfunctioning air ride seat. This nuisance usually occurs when the pump doesn’t turn on efficiently, often due to faulty wiring.

Luckily, this is a minor hiccup, so there’s no need to panic or replace the entire air seat.

Troubleshooting option:

I had to hire a professional mechanic to pinpoint the error in the wiring. In most cases, like mine, this malfunction stems from a faulty wire.

I quickly solved the problem by replacing the rogue wire, and my air ride seat resumed regular operation.

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2. The cab’s poor noise isolation issue

The John Deere 4066R series boasts a more potent engine than other brands like Kubota, something I initially found appealing, especially for heavy mowing needs.

However, that extra power came with a downside: the engine is noisier than other tractors in the same price range. The sound even invaded the cab, something I found quite intolerable, given my preference for quieter tractors.

The grating noise typically occurs when the motor is warming up. After that initial phase, I found the operation to be much quieter.

Troubleshooting option:

When mowing alone, I found wearing earmuffs to be a handy solution. Unfortunately, if you’re working with others, you might just have to learn to live with the noise.

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3. The less efficient cab’s built-in AC

While this issue is more prevalent in colder regions, almost every driver has encountered it.

If you’ve operated one, you’ll realize the John Deere4066R tractor doesn’t include a window panel. As a result, it makes the cab hotter.

Even worse, the low-performing built-in AC isn’t efficient enough to cool the cab in the summer.

Fortunately, since it’s a region-based problem, you’re less likely to encounter it if you’re from the south side of the US.

This region tends to be cooler; hence you won’t have to bear soaring temperatures when mowing.

Troubleshooting option

Honestly, you can do less to impact your machine’s air conditioner. However, installing a window tint could facilitate healthy airflow.

Installing a window tint isn’t for DIYers. Instead, I recommend hiring a professional mechanic to carry out the installation.

4. Unstable joystick lock problem

You’ll realize the joystick becomes unstable when locked with a disconnected loader. In addition, the loader lock may not operate optimally in some cases.

All these are major internal flaws with the 4066r series that need professional attention.

Troubleshooting option

Once you know the issue, you can act decisively to bypass the flaw. Use the left and right motion to operate the lock, enabling the joystick to function well.

If this is a persistent issue, contact an authorized john deere dealer to help fix the problem or seek professional advice from an expert.

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5. Obstructed vision when navigating through the exterior mirror

Usually, the cab’s pillars obstruct your vision while you navigate through the mirror.

Subsequently, to see objects via the external mirror, you’ll have to look beyond the pillar to view objects constantly.

This can be somewhat frustrating and less efficient if you work long shifts. Fortunately, like most other problems in this post, this issue has a fix.

Troubleshooting option

Inspect your equipment thoroughly for incorrectly installed brackets. If that’s the case, you can fix it by swapping the brackets from one side to another.

Here’s how to check and identify whether the bracket is installed correctly. If the bracket’s bolts are angled towards the back of the tractor, then they are in the correct position.

On the other hand, if the bolts face toward the front of the tractor, you’re good to go.

6. Low steering system that damages the axle

Among the numerous factors that make the John Deere 4066r stand out from its competitors is its steering system, which is located behind the axle.

Unfortunately, this design comes with a downside. The steering system is at a low distance from the ground.

If you enjoy doing a lot of logging besides mowing, you are likely to hit the axle component or the steering cylinder.

Troubleshooting option

This process requires that you acquire a 3/8-inch steel plate. Having sourced one, cut it into shape and heat it using a torch.

You can then use it as a guard for your axle component and protect the steering system. Afterwards, you could coat the metal plates with paint to enhance their aesthetics.

7. Overheating engine

We can allege the cause of this issue to be a faulty radiator cap or clogged fins.

Similarly, the engine overheats due to a loose or damaged fan belt or insufficient engine oil. This may result in the engine knocking or losing power.

Troubleshooting option

To fix this issue, you’ll want to clean the radiator if it’s clogged or change the cap if it leaks.

If the problem arises from a damaged or loose fan belt, replace the component with a new one. You could also inspect the oil level and top up as required.

Similarly, adding a coolant oil to the cooling system could solve this issue.

8. Engine starts and stops abruptly

This problem could occur when your fuel filter is plugged in. Additionally, it could be due to a faulty fuel injection nozzle.

Also, the issue occurs whenever air is trapped in the fuel system. Lastly, your hydraulic system could have malfunctioned.

Troubleshooting option

Filter maintenance is required if you are dealing with a clogged filter element. On the other hand, if there is air trapped in the fuel system, allow the air to bleed out.

You could also check and replace the faulty filter injection nozzles. If the fuel injection pump is defective, replace it with a new component. Lastly, check the hydraulic oil and the hydraulic pump.

9. Engine knocks or noises

Sometimes, the engine might knock when it hasn’t warmed up to the required temperature.

Similarly, your tractor’s engine could knock when the oil level is low, or the fuel injection pump timing is wrong. Alternatively, you could be dealing with scored or worn pistons.

Troubleshooting options

Warming up the engine to the required temperature will solve this issue. Also, check for the oil level and top up as necessary.

You could also adjust the fuel injection pump timing as recommended. If you are dealing with worn or scored pistons, you’ll want to replace them to solve this issue.

Lastly, aligning or replacing the misaligned rod could solve the problem altogether.

John Deere 4066r transmission problems

The John Deere 4066R transmission problems are concerns raised by some owners of this tractor model. The issues typically manifest as jerky movements, difficulty in shifting gears, or even complete transmission failure in some instances.

  1. Overheating: Lack of proper cooling can lead to transmission overheating. Fix: Regularly check and maintain the cooling system, including the transmission fluid levels.
  2. Wear and Tear: Prolonged usage can cause internal parts to wear down. Fix: Regular maintenance, including replacing worn-out parts and ensuring the transmission is properly lubricated, can mitigate this problem.
  3. Software Glitches: Some problems might be related to software controlling the transmission. Fix: Updating the software or recalibrating the system with the help of a professional technician can resolve these issues.

Timely maintenance and adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines can generally prevent or resolve these problems, ensuring the tractor’s long-term performance.

Troubleshooting 4066r John Deere Problems

Malfunctioning air ride seatFaulty wiringHire a professional mechanic to locate the error in the wiring and replace the faulty wire
The cab’s poor noise isolation issuePowerful engine resulting in noise inside the cabUse earmuffs for mowing alone; no solution for working with others
Less efficient cab’s built-in ACAbsence of window panel and low-performing ACInstall a window tint for healthy airflow (hire a professional mechanic for installation)
Unstable joystick lock problemInternal flaws and disconnected loaderUse left and right motion to operate the lock; contact authorized John Deere dealer for fixing the problem
Obstructed vision through the mirrorIncorrectly installed bracketsSwap the brackets from one side to another to correct the installation
Low steering system damaging the axleLow distance from the ground and potential collisionsAcquire a 3/8-inch steel plate as a guard for the axle component; coat the metal plates with paint
Overheating engineFaulty radiator cap, clogged fins, loose/damaged beltClean the radiator, change the cap, replace the fan belt, check and top up oil level, add coolant oil
Engine starts and stops abruptlyPlugged fuel filter, faulty injection nozzleMaintain/clean filter, bleed air from fuel system, replace faulty nozzles, check hydraulic oil and pump
Engine knocks or noisesCold engine, low oil level, wrong timing, worn pistonsWarm up engine, check and top up oil level, adjust timing, replace worn pistons, align/replace misaligned rod

John Deere 4066R Compact Utility Tractor Review

pt for the John Deere 4066R compact tractor, and you’ll step into a new realm of control and comfort.

This model is brimming with premium features designed to let you work effortlessly, minimizing fatigue.

Among its intelligent functionalities, you’ll find a PowerReverser or e-Hydrostatic transmission coupled with a turbocharged diesel engine.

These ensure smooth operation while the included hitch assist enhances mowing performance like never before.

The tractor’s ergonomic design extends to an integrated joystick, offering precise control over front or mid-mounted implements. An added benefit is the integrated 3rd function, indispensable for using the multi-function attachments.

Yet, it’s vital to note that despite these superb specifications and features, the John Deere 4066R is not without its flaws.


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  • Landini 5-090H
  • Kubota M7060
  • John Deere 3039r

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How much can a John Deere 4066r lift?

John Deere 4066r is rated to lift 2520 lbs at the industry standard of 24 inches behind link arms. The Cat 1 3-point hitch also offers a lift capacity of 3130 lbs at link ends. This capacity is sufficient for most of your needs.

Where is John Deere 4066r made?

Made in John Deere’s factory in Georgia, the 4066r compact tractor is the largest of John Deere products. This homegrown equipment delivers reliable quality and power that has helped cement the company’s reputation in the market. Quality Equipment, a John Deere dealer, offers JD 4 series compact utility tractors for sale in Durham, NC.

What is the best John Deere Tractor ever made?

The 4433MFWD is among the best products by John Deere. The product outsold every other tractor in the 55-Series by a minimum ratio of 2:1. John Deere produced over 20 000 units during the four-year run without any recalled compact utility tractors. They were incredible tractors for most farmers and were indeed the best.

What is the lifespan of a John Deere Tractor?

John Deere produces sturdy machines with smaller units offering 500-1000 operating hours. The larger machine with a 2 or 4-cylinder engine may last 1500-2000 hours. However, the number of operating hours varies with the intensity of usage.

How much is a John Deere 4066R cost?

The New JD 4066r starts at $49,499 and has a 6-year warranty. However, John Deere dealers offer 0% cash discounts or financing. The unit includes an E-hydro transmission, 66 horsepower diesel engine, joystick, full CAB w/heat, industrial turf tires, and mid-remotes.

Final thoughts on 4066r John Deere Problems

Doubtlessly, John Deere is among the industry’s leading brands and continues to develop durable products to uphold its reputation.

However, like many other products, their machines sport major faults. Fortunately, most of the John Deere 4066r problems come with possible solutions.

Moreover, the brand’s customer service responds quickly to complaints; thus, you needn’t worry about significant manufacturing defects.