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It’s no secret that John Deere HyGard is the best oil formulated to protect heavy-duty hydraulic equipment.

The oil finds application in the brake hydraulic system and clutches. When used correctly, it protects the machinery, enhances efficiency, and improves performance.

Unfortunately, since every coin has two sides, buying this oil may cost an arm and a leg. Hy Gard is pricy and out of reach for most John Deere machinery users.

However, since the machinery cannot operate without oil, Hy Gard equivalents offer alternatives.

These alternative products perform the same function as Hy-Gard but will keep your machinery in good shape cheaply.

Here are some of the top John Deere Hy Gard Equivalent you may need to consider.

John Deere hydraulic oil equivalent

  1. Chevron Synthetic – Best john deere hy gard alternative for multi-viscosity
  2. AMSOIL 5W-30 Hydraulic Oil – Best for wear reduction
  3. MAG 1 Premium Universal Tractor Trans Fluid – Best for oxidation resistance.
  4. ExxonMobil Delvac – Best for thermal stability.
  5. Mobil Fluid 424 – Best for optimizing PTO
  6. Chevron Delo – Best JD hy gard equivalent for engine protection
  7. TRIAX Agra UTTO XL Tractor Fluid – Best for outstanding performance
  8. Shell Rotella T5 – Best for low-temperature
  9. Elba Heavy-Duty Tractor Hydraulic & Transmission Oil – Best for extreme pressure properties

What is john deere’s hy-gard equivalent?

The John Deere Hy-Gard is a specialized hydraulic and transmission oil used in John Deere equipment. If you want an equivalent oil for your John Deere equipment, consider using a product that meets the John Deere JDM J20C specification.

This specification is used for transmission and hydraulic oils in various John Deere machines.

When looking for an equivalent oil, you should check the product label and ensure that it explicitly meets the JDM J20C specification.

Several reputable oil manufacturers produce oils meeting this specification, and you can find them at agricultural supply stores or authorized John Deere dealerships.

As a reminder, always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the specific type and grade of oil to use in your equipment. Using the correct oil is crucial for the optimal performance and longevity of your John Deere machinery.

9 John Deere Hy Gard Equivalent

John Deere Hy Gard substitutes are fluids designed to keep John Deere equipment in top form. They enhance efficiency and maintain the equipment running.

These are biodegradable, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly oils. They include:

1. Best john deere hy gard alternative for multi-viscosity – Chevron Synthetic


Chevron Synthetic all-weather THF is formulated for hydraulic and transmission systems.  You can also use the oil in clutches and brakes.

The fluid withstands oxidation even at high temperatures. Besides, it contains special additives that protect metal surfaces against wear and scuffing.

Thus, it is an all-weather fluid capable of withstanding severe winter and summer temperatures.

Chevron fluid meets both John Deere J20D and J20C specifications and boasts excellent oxidation stability.

Also, it has a high viscosity index compared to conventional hydraulic fluids. This is why it exhibits excellent flow even when temperatures are low.


Chevron synthetic all-weather THF is a multi-seasonal and multifunctional fluid. It finds application in tractors and construction machinery. You can use the fluid to lubricate clutches, bakes, and hydraulic systems.

In addition, you may use the fluid to lubricate the transmission system, final drives, implements, and steering units. Chevron minimizes brake charter and reduces brake wear.


  • It is affordable.
  • Excellent performance and enhances the efficiency of the machine.
  • It has a long life and withstands oxidation.
  • Lowers operational costs.
  • It lowers inventory costs since it can replace many other hydraulic fluids.
  • It is easier to store.
  • The best j20d hydraulic fluid substitute
  • Protects metals from rust, corrosion, wear and scuffing under severe operating conditions.
  • Compatible with o-rings, seals, and packaging materials and keeps leakage low.

2. 5W-30 Hydraulic Oil – AMSOIL


The oil is engineered for tough heavy-duty applications in hydraulic-powered machines. You may use it in commercial, residential, and industrial equipment like tractors.

It is synthetic motor oil that contains additives to reduce wear while enabling it to resist heat and rust. The oil is high viscosity index lubricator flows evenly when temperatures drop to -50°C.

In addition, the oil is formulated with friction modifier additives. So it is one of the best multi-viscosity oil seal and hose conditioners.


The oil is formulated for hydraulic systems, power take-off systems, final drives, and wet brakes. Its viscosity protects the engine against wear and horsepower loss.

In addition, it guards turbochargers and covers parts against rust and brake chatter. Finally, the oil provides friction stability allowing for smooth brake operation.


  • Protects the machinery during hot and cold weather.
  • The viscosity keeps the oil in good condition reducing the need to change the oil every season.
  • Allows for inventory consolidation.
  • Controls brake chatter.
  • Allows for smooth operation.
  • Extends the life of the equipment.

3. Premium Universal Tractor Trans Fluid

MAG 1 00525 Universal Tractor Hydraulic Fluid - 5 Gallon
35 Reviews
MAG 1 00525 Universal Tractor Hydraulic Fluid - 5 Gallon
  • Exceptional protection against wear from microscopic contaminants and higher operating temperatures and pressures ensures long equipment life
  • Critically balanced frictional characteristics ensure precise clutch and wet brake operating with unsurpassed chatter suppression
  • Extra resistance to thermal degradation provides superior protection against oxidation and deposit formation
  • Prevents acid formation for exceptional protection against rust and corrosion
  • Highly reliable performance over a wide range of temperatures.


The oil is formulated to be used as the hydraulic medium. It lubricates the brakes and steering and serves as a power take-off fluid.

It has anti-wear properties and works excellently under extreme pressure. Furthermore, the oil provides resistance against rust, oxidation, and corrosion.

In addition, it features anti-foam performance that minimizes cavitation. Thus, Premium Universal Tractor Trans is user-friendly since it has a safety Data Sheet and product information sheet.

It also contains additives that allow one to use the oil in various applications.


Formulated for multipurpose lubrication and is used in steering, brakes, and hydraulic system. The oil provides resistance against corrosion, rust, and oxidation.

It is a multifunctional lubricating fluid that protects parts against rust and corrosion. It is compatible with oil seal material found in hydraulic and transmission systems.


  • Optimizes the equipment performance.
  • Enhances oxidation resistance capability.
  • Reduces cost of maintenance.
  • Reduces heat.
  • Enables the equipment owner to meet OEM requirements.

4. ExxonMobil Delvac

Mobil Delvac 1 Synthetic ATF [5 Gal. Pail]
3 Reviews
Mobil Delvac 1 Synthetic ATF [5 Gal. Pail]
  • Allison TES-295 and TES-468 Specifications


ExxonMobile Delvac is high-performance engine oil with proven protection capability.  Mobil Delvac™ formulates the oil using high-performance base oils.

It results in quality oil with thermal and oxidation stability. ExxonMobil Delvac oil has reduced deposits and sludge build-ups.

The oil boasts increased viscosity, enhancing its capability even when temperatures are too low.

This feature makes it meet European and American engine specifications. Thus, it provides excellent lubrication capability.

Features high oxidation and thermal stability since it combines high-performance base stocks with additives to control oil thickening due to soot build-up and high temperatures.


It protects the engine against wear, cleans it, and enhances the component’s life. Consistent use of ExxonMobil Delvac provides excellent engine lubrication and enhances the machinery’s life.

Also, it improves equipment reliability and helps to reduce operational costs. Finally, the oil protects the seal to allow extended service since it delivers fluidity even at low-temperature.


  • Enhances engine life.
  • Reduces fuel consumption.
  • Reduces maintenance costs due to tear and wear.

5. Mobil Fluid 424


Mobilfluid™ 424 is a high-performance lubricant designed to optimize machinery performance.  It uses next-generation technology to enhance quality and improve equipment performance.

Mobil Fluid 424 combines several base oils and is packaged with additives to improve its performance. Besides, it is compatible with elastomers and clutch materials and is easy to filter.


The oil reduces power take-off chatter and wet brake. It reduces wear, rust, and corrosion during normal machine usage.

Thus, the fluid is formulated to protect the equipment transmission system, keep it clean, and enable it to run smoothly.


  • It optimizes PTO and clutch performance.
  • Reduces clutch leakage and enhances its life.
  • Reduces wear and protects the machine from a humid or wet environment.
  • Increases the equipment service life.
  • Cleans the system and allows it to operate smoothly.
  • Reduces inventory cost.
  • Enhances operating response.

6. Best JD hy gard equivalent for engine protection – Chevron Delo

DELO Chevron 400 SDE 15W40 CK-4, 2.5 Gallon Jug
39 Reviews
DELO Chevron 400 SDE 15W40 CK-4, 2.5 Gallon Jug
  • 2.5-gallon
  • 15W40 heavy duty motor oil
  • Delo 400 LE


It is synthetic heavy-duty oil with high viscosity. The oil contains a dispersant additive for extended engine protection.

Chevron Delo is formulated using advanced technology that enhances its low-temperature pumpability.

Chevron manufactures the fluid from stable synthetic base stock oils and uses synthetic technology to improve the fluid’s ability to protect the machine from wear.

Also, it is loaded with anti-wear additives to prevent wear and protect the engine.


It is formulated to enhance the machine’s efficiency while lowering maintenance costs.

Chevron Delo protects the equipment against wear and corrosion while maximizing equipment utilization. Also, the oil cleans the stem and minimizes downtime.


  • Protects the engine.
  • Retards the formation of sludge deposits and keeps the engine clean.

7. Tractor Hydraulic Transmission Fluid

TRIAX Agra UTTO XL Tractor Fluid, Synthetic Blend Tractor Transmission and...
323 Reviews
TRIAX Agra UTTO XL Tractor Fluid, Synthetic Blend Tractor Transmission and...
  • Outstanding performance versus OEM fluids and specifications; wide ranging, total compatibility with all John Deere, Kubota, Case, Class, Massey Ferguson, and most other farming / tractors / harvester equipment
  • Replaces virtually all OEM fluids; Dyed red to help quickly and easily identify leaks and to prevent confusion with motor oil
  • Substantially less slipping; Over 6,000 hours oil life in hydraulic systems
  • Optimal brake hold and friction stability; 22.7% more mid-point friction coefficient retention versus OEM requirements for outstanding transmission grip and shift performance; Smooth brake, transmission, and hydraulic operation down to - 35 F
  • Virtually zero foaming; Extremely rapid aeration and foaming stability produces zero foaming in all hydraulic performance parameters; Excellent thermal transfer prevents hydraulic system overheat; High load carrying for sustained high torque work loads

Tractor Hydraulic Transmission Fluid is formulated with high-viscosity base stocks of oils and additives. It contains additives that prevent rust, oxidation, foaming, and corrosion.

Furthermore, the fluid is seal compatible and has good foam resistance. Thus, it provides outstanding thermal and oxidative stability.


Like Hy Gard formulated by John Deere engineers, Tractor Hydraulic Transmission Fluid eliminates pump deterioration, reduces friction, and allows for smooth shifting.

Furthermore, it is essential in controlling wet clutches and brakes.


  • Enhances thermal stability and oxidation resistance.
  • Protects the machine’s parts against corrosion and rust
  • Great ty22000 equivalent.
  • Reduces oil-based environmental pollution.

8. Shell Rotella T5

Shell Rotella T5 Synthetic Blend 15W-40 Diesel Motor Oil (1-Gallon,...
4,692 Reviews
Shell Rotella T5 Synthetic Blend 15W-40 Diesel Motor Oil (1-Gallon,...
  • Synthetic blend 15W-40 diesel engine oil with Triple Protection Plus technology protects against wear, deposits, and oil breakdown
  • Ideal for on-highway fleets, construction, and agricultural machinery, and diesel pickup trucks — including high-power vehicles that require resistance to heat and stress
  • Improves low-temperature flow (compared to conventional 15W-40 oils)
  • Helps control engine deposits for reliability at extended oil drain intervals (always follow the OEM recommended oil drain interval)
  • Controls engine wear 37 percent better than the maximum wear requirements in API CK-4 engine wear tests


Just like most oils, Shell uses synthetic base oils and additive technology to manufacture Shell Rotella T5 oil.

This is superior oil with enhanced oxidation protection, enabling it to work even under extreme conditions.

The oil provides excellent wear protection and has excellent low-temperature permeability. Also, the oil is formulated from synthetic oil, making it suitable for heavy-duty engines.


Shell Rotella T5 oil is one of the best products from Shell formulated to protect the engine, even in extreme conditions.

It has extended drain capabilities, thus the most preferred oil for better fuel economy.


  • Saves on fuel usage.
  • Protects the tractor against wear and reduces the cost of servicing.
  • Keeps the engine clean.

9. Heavy-Duty Tractor Hydraulic & Transmission Oil

Elba Heavy Duty Tractor Hydraulic Fluid | Hydraulic Oil & Transmission...
14 Reviews
Elba Heavy Duty Tractor Hydraulic Fluid | Hydraulic Oil & Transmission...
  • Excellent Extreme Pressure (EP) Properties, Excellent Oxidation Resistance and Corrosion Protection
  • Multifunctional JD J20C Tractor Fluid
  • Compatible with latest clutch materials and elastomers Longer clutch life and reduced leakage
  • Protects equipment in wet or humid environments and prevents premature wear,
  • Strong anti-wear and extreme pressure properties Reduces wear, extends equipment life, and reduces maintenance costs


It is a multi-grade fluid specifically formulated for heavy-duty equipment. This is a high-performance lubricant designed and engineered for wet brakes hydraulics.

The oil is a combination of high-performance base oils with additives. It thus delivers unique performance properties that reduce the number of lubricants on the shelves.

You may also use the oil in power shift transmission. The hydraulic and Transmission oil is formulated to operate in cold conditions and features a high viscosity index that allows it flows smoothly even in cold weather.

Also, the oil has improved film strength and is formulated with oxidation inhibitors that extend its service life.

Furthermore, the inhibitor reduces deposits during usage and resists oil deterioration when in use.


Napa Heavy-duty oil is designed to lubricate parts and enhance engine efficiency. The high level of detergent it contains allows it to maintain system cleanliness.

In addition, it contains oils that emulsify water and thus stop the water from damaging pressure pumps.


  • Helps to enhance components’ life.
  • Reduces repair costs.

John Deere hydraulic oil substitute comparison table

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What Is Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic Oil is any fluid that serves as an energy or power transmission medium, sealant, or lubricant.

The oils are of two types: power-transmission oil and hydraulic oils. The hydraulic oils are non-compressible and will transfer power within equipment or system.

Moreover, hydraulic oils follow engine oil in terms of importance and require a hydraulic medium.

If you apply them regularly and optimally, they save energy and reduce component wear. So they lengthen maintenance intervals and extend the machine’s life.

Hydraulic oils can be categorized into synthetic and mineral oils. Manufacturers extract mineral-type oils from petroleum products but create synthetic oils artificially.

On the other hand, power transmission fluids contain base oils with excellent oxidation, shear, and thermal stability.

They contain additives that enhance oxidation resistance, prevent wear, and balance frictional performance. These features allow for maximum power transfer when using the machine.

Motor Oils:Hyraulic oils: Low Viscosity Hy-Gard(J200)Transmission Oils: JDM J20C
API CJ-4/SMISO 46 (SAE20)SAE 80W-90

What is the best John Deere Hy-Gard j20d equivalent?

Heavy Duty tractor hydraulic & transmission oil is the best hy-gard j20d alternative.

The oil meets J.D. j20D specifications, and users attest that it protects the machine and leaves it better off when you use it regularly.

The j20d hydraulic fluid equivalent has excellent anti-wear properties. It is an affordable mineral-based hydraulic oil comparable to John deere Hygard in performance.

What is the best John Deere Hy Gard J20C equivalent?

Starfire premium tractor and Transmission fluid is the best j20c hydraulic oil equivalent.

The oil has enhanced thermal resistance breakdown since it is formulated from Group II base stocks. It is tested and used in farms, logging, and construction equipment.

This John Deere JDM j20c equivalent is a multipurpose lubricant developed with the needs of heavy-duty equipment in mind.

John Deere hydrostatic transmission fluid substitute

Amsoil ATH 5W-30 is the best John Deere hydrostatic fluid substitute. The oil meets JDM J20D and J20C specifications with a viscosity index 171.

It is a synthetic oil and flows well even at -50°C. Amsoil ATH is all-weather oil that retains the same viscosity regardless of weather.

Thus, you can use the oil in conventional tractors, which is always readily available.

John Deere low viscosity Hy Gard j20d equivalent

TY22000 low viscosity Hy-Gard transmission oil is equivalent to j20d. Oil is formulated to protect the transmission, hydraulic, and final drives.

John Deere Hy-Gard hydraulic oil substitute

SAE 5W is a good John Deere hydraulic oil substitute. SAE 5W oils consist of oils with the same viscosity as hydraulic oil but are formulated to protect the machine in varying temperatures.

In SAE 5w -20, 5 describes the oil’s viscosity at low temperatures, while the number after W describes the oil’s thickness when the engine operates at a normal temperature.

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Can you mix J20D and J20C?

You cannot mix J20D and J20C. Doing so risks damaging the transmission, especially when the temperatures get extremely hot or cold.

The best thing to do is to ensure the system is free from the old oil before filling it with new oil.

What kind of fluid do you put in John Deere hydrostatic transmission?

You may put Hy-Gard fluid into John Deere Hydrostatic Transmission. This is a multi-viscosity fluid known for its high viscosity index and formulated to meet the needs of the John Deere Machines.

The oil falls between ISO46 and 68 grades and is an exclusive formulation that protects hydraulic systems and final drives.

Who makes John Deere hydraulic oil?

Makroo Motor Corporation is one of the makers and suppliers of John Deere hydraulic oil. The company supplies a range of oils formulated for heavy-duty John Deere tractors.

What is the weight of John Deere Hy-Gard Oil?

John Deere HyGard oil is an exclusive oil formulation. It is intended to help protect the final drives, transmission, and hydraulic systems. The 5-gallon oil weighs 39.1 pounds.

Final thoughts on John Deere hy Gard substitute

John Deere Hy Gard oils are engineered to protect John Deere’s hydraulic, transmission, and final drives. Hy Guard is specifically formulated for heavy-duty machinery.

The oil features a unique chemical that protects Johnn Deere machines. Unfortunately, the oils are unaffordable and sometimes unavailable.

Thus, if you find the oil or hydraulic fluid expensive or out of stock, consider the John Deere Hy Gard Equivalent.