7 Kawasaki Fr651v Problems And Their Solutions

Kawasaki, as a brand, is not a strange name when it comes to mowers and tractors.

Over the years, this brand has grown due to how it has managed to keep producing high-quality engines compared to other manufacturing companies.

The Kawasaki FR651V is one of their models, a home mower that is small yet powerful. However, despite how good this mower is, it has its downsides like any other machine.

So in this article, we will talk about the common Kawasaki fr651v problems you may encounter while operating your lawn mower.

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7 Kawasaki FR651V Problems

  1. Faulty spark plug
  2. Fuel line blockage
  3. Faulty charging system
  4. Overheating
  5. Low compression issues
  6. Defective appliance
  7. Bad coils

1. Faulty Spark Plug

Having to deal with bad spark plugs is equivalent to engine system failure. Sadly, this is one of the common problems most users have reportedly faced while using this model of Kawasaki lawn mower.

Despite this part’s size, it is responsible for igniting the engine, so it works. Other parts, such as worn-out plug wires or broken distributor covers, could also contribute to low spark.

The first identifying sign of a bad spark plug is when you try to turn over the engine and hear a clicking sound.

This can also be as a result of not using the spark plug for a while, which means the electrodes could be worn out or have been coated by thick carbon deposits from combustion.

If the carburetor is also clogged, it could damage the spark plug.

The solution to this problem is to replace the faulty spark plug with a new one, as it is very affordable, and if it can be fixed, you can have it repaired.

You should also check the electrodes for deposits which could signify the fuel-to-air ratio needs to be checked or the engine seal is cracked.

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2. Fuel Line Blockage

Kawasaki Fr651v Problems

Fuel lines have one job, transport fuel from the fuel tank to the engine.

When this line transporting fuel to the carburetor is blocked or clogged, the mower will not start as enough fuel is not getting to where it is needed. Fuel line blockage is another problem with the FR651V.

There are many reasons why the fuel line gets blocked, but it is mostly running the engine on stale fuel or when accumulated dirt and debris from repeated use find their way into the line.

Accumulation of debris is almost inevitable, even if you always fill your fuel tank with the best of fuels.

This problem might not be easily identified and could result in the engine failing, which is why the fuel system should be your first check if your mower is not starting.

You can eliminate any blockage in the fuel system by cutting the pipe to remove whatever is causing an obstruction and then joining the pieces back.

This helps provide the adequate pressure necessary for fuel to flow normally. Also, you can use compressed fuel tank air to remove the accumulated dirt instead of cutting the line open.

Remember to check the fuel filter, clean it thoroughly if clogged, and replace it with a new one if it is due for a change. Clean out the gasoline tank cap as well to prevent blockage.

Lastly, draining out old fuel from the tank and running the mower on fresh fuel will go a long way. 

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3. Faulty Charging System

Another problem with the FR651V is that you could turn it on for work, and it dies after a while.

When the charging system, which is made up of the battery, fails or is broken, it affects how well the engine of this mower performs.

It might also lead to more problems with the mower. A faulty charging system happens mostly when the batteries are not properly kept away when not in use.

Leaving them under extreme weather conditions does more harm than good. Also, not keeping proper tabs on the charge level in the battery before running it for use can contribute to this problem.

But what if you charge regularly, but it seems the charge does not hold? Then it might be either the battery cables are dirty or are beginning to rust.

Leaving the ignition key on even when not in use also drains the mower’s battery faster than when it is mowing.

The easy way to solve this problem is to use a hot wire in the battery’s B+ terminal at the correct voltage to fix it.

This voltage used must be kept lower than that of the main battery to fix the problem. If the ignition switch is the problem, it should also be replaced.

4. Overheating

Most utility vehicle engines suffer from this problem primarily due to being overworked.

Now, remember the Kawasaki FR651 is a small mower which means shorter cutting hours at a time no matter how effective it is at getting the job done.

Asides from overworking, running the mower on diluted or low-quality fuel, that is, fuel containing too much ethanol, results in overheating. Another cause of overheating is when some components get clogged.

Now not all the time is clogging due to the accumulation of dirt, but it could result from the vapor formed from filling the tank while the engine is overheating.

To fix overheating, there are several things you can do. First, you must ensure you are running the engine on high-quality fuel that is not diluted.

Also, ensure the mower’s engine has cooled down for at least 30 minutes after it has been turned off before filling the tank with fuel or adjusting anything.

When dealing with clogged components, you want to eliminate the clogs from wherever they are found as soon as possible.

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5. Low Compression Issues

Another problem with this mower model is that its components could quickly get defective or worn out even when used regularly.

When these parts get bad, they cause problems related to low compression. Compression is the pressure in the piston chamber when fuel and air are mixed and then compressed, producing a spark.

The combustion engine of the FR651V is almost similar to those present in automobiles.

These affected parts include the valves, pistons, gauges, cylinders, and pipes, which are all interconnected, so singling out a cause of low compression can be tasking.

The bad news is that, at times, some of these defects come with the machine due to factory errors, making it difficult to fix. Also, if the push rod bends or breaks, there could be compression loss.

The solution to this issue is to replace the worn-out parts as soon as possible once you notice a change in the compression.

You should also notify a local dealer to help get suitable Kawasaki parts for the model, as there is a variety.

This is important so that you do not do more damage than good when replacing with new parts. You can also follow the manual on detailed steps to fix these parts if loose.

6. Defective Appliance

Most of this model’s engine problems result from defective appliances. These appliances include rings, cylinders, pistons, valves, solenoids, and carburetors.

In one way or another, all these parts contribute to the engine’s proper functioning. The solution is to change any of them when a fault is noticed.

7. Bad Coils

kawasaki fr651v problems image

The starter coil is responsible for transmitting electric charge from the battery to the spark plug so the engine can be powered.

However, it quickly gets faulty in most Kawasaki engines. This leads to the engine stalling or even not starting when fired.

To fix this problem, you have to replace the bad coil by getting the help of a professional unless you have experience fixing it yourself.

When getting a new coil fixed, checking the horsepower and other specs to match the engine’s needs is essential.

Additional Maintenance Tips

Preventing problems is always preferred to trying to fix them. Only some of the issues with this model come with it; most result from using the machine the wrong way or not carrying out certain things to maintain it.

Well, here are some tips that will help you avoid these problems and so much more:

  1. Ensure you clean the fuel tank cap as often as possible to prevent dirt buildup.
  2. The fuel filters and spark plugs should be replaced at least once every year.
  3. Always run your mower on fresh, high-quality fuel. It is advised to replace the fuel after every 100 hours of use constantly.
  4. Do regular checks on defective components.
  5. Do not fill the fuel tank when the engine is still very hot; this helps increase the mower’s lifespan.
  6. You should clean the carburetor regularly to prevent clogging.
  7. When the mower is not in use, keep it in a cool and dry place that is not exposed to very harsh weather conditions that could affect the battery. Also, it is crucial only to operate the mower where there is an adequate air supply.
  8. Service your mower regularly, especially when you see oily deposits where they should not be, like the combustion chamber and plug.
  9. Maintain a level of speed when riding the mower.

Kawasaki lawn mower engine running rough

Got a rough-running Kawasaki lawn mower engine? No worries! Let’s troubleshoot the issue together:

  1. Air Filter: Check for a dirty or clogged air filter. Clean or replace it.
  2. Spark Plug: Inspect the spark plug for wear or fouling. Swap it out if needed.
  3. Fuel: Ensure fresh fuel and a clean tank. Remove any contaminants.
  4. Carburetor: Clean it thoroughly to improve the fuel-air mixture.
  5. Fuel Filter: If you have one, check for blockages and replace if necessary.
  6. Muffler and Exhaust: Look for clogs or damage. Clean or replace as needed.
  7. Ignition System: Verify ignition components are in good shape.
  8. Engine Oil: Check level and condition. (Here are some of the best Kawasaki lawn mower engine oil recommendations).
  9. Compression Check: If all else fails, consider this step to pinpoint internal issues.

Remember, safety comes first! If unsure, get help from a pro. Happy mowing with a smooth-running engine.

Kawasaki fr651v reviews

One thing you can be sure of with Kawasaki mowers is quality lawn mower engines.

The problems described above might seem overwhelming but do the good sides to the Kawasaki FR651V outnumber the downsides?

Yes, they do, as we can go on and on regarding how good this small mower is. If you pay attention, most of these problems are common to most lawnmowers, irrespective of the model.

They also have straightforward fixes, which makes them easier to manage, so do not be discouraged.

This model is a complex utility vehicle with a compact design that can carry out heavy-duty tasks of any kind, which means it is bound to develop faults over time.

Carrying out regular maintenance and check will prolong its life and keep it effective in performing as it should.

Most users overall are satisfied with the performance of this model from reviews that attest to it being a good purchase.

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Kawasaki Fr651v troubleshooting

Faulty spark plugSpark plug wear and tear, improper gap setting, or carbon depositsReplace the spark plug with a new one. Ensure the correct gap setting (usually specified in the manual). Clean or replace if carbon fouling is present.
Fuel line blockageDirt, debris, or sediment clogging the fuel lineCheck the fuel line for blockages and clean or replace it as needed. Use clean fuel and install a fuel filter to prevent future blockages.
Faulty charging systemWorn-out alternator, damaged voltage regulator, or loose/broken connectionsInspect the charging system components, such as the alternator and voltage regulator, and replace any faulty parts. Ensure all connections are tight and free from damage.
OverheatingLow coolant level, cooling system leaks, faulty thermostat, or a malfunctioning cooling fanCheck and top up the coolant level if low. Inspect the cooling system for leaks and repair as necessary. Replace a faulty thermostat or repair/replace the cooling fan if not working properly.
Low compression issuesWorn piston rings, damaged cylinder walls, or faulty valvesContact Kawasaki or an authorized dealer for repair or replacement if under warranty. Otherwise, seek professional help to diagnose and fix the issue.
Defective applianceManufacturing defects or internal component failureIf under warranty, contact Kawasaki or an authorized dealer for repair or replacement. Otherwise, seek professional help to diagnose and fix the issue.
Bad coilsCoil deterioration over time or electrical problemsTest the ignition coils and replace any faulty ones. Ensure proper electrical connections and consider regular maintenance to prolong coil life.


Are Kawasaki fr engines good?

Yea, the Kawasaki FR series engines are good. Not only are they good, but they are also very affordable compared to other models, which makes them preferred by most homeowners for domestic mowing. They also come in small designs, some weighing over 88 lbs but still as powerful as they should be.

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What horsepower is a Kawasaki fr651v?

The Kawasaki FR651V has a horsepower of 21.5, which is the average commercial-grade standard for a home mower. It also has a torque higher than 53.2 Nm. This high power output is why it is powerful and can work for long hours without getting easily overworked. 

What causes a Kawasaki engine to surge?

When a Kawasaki engine revving fluctuates, it leads to surging. This fluctuation happens due to inconsistent fuel and air delivered to the engine’s combustion chamber. If the fuel lines, fuel filter, or carburetor have issues or are clogged, they also contribute to this problem.

How long does a Kawasaki engine last?

A Kawasaki 4-cycle engine lasts over three years, about 3,500 hours of runtime, a relatively long lifespan. Lawnmowers by Kawasaki Motors can last ten years or more if maintained well and not overworked.

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Final Thoughts on Kawasaki Fr651v Problems

So far, we have reviewed the problems with the Kawasaki FR651V mower and the solutions which would come in handy.

You might have to deal with the engine overheating, defective appliances, a failing charging system, or low compression issues while using this mower.

All these problems can be avoided if a regular maintenance routine is kept and checks are done at intervals to clean out, repair, or replace affected parts.

If you purchase one for use, you can be assured of quality service and good performance with this lawn mower.