8 Kawasaki Fr691v Problems And Their Solutions

kawasaki fr691v problems

The Kawasaki fr691v is one of the top-quality mowers used today for commercial purposes. It belongs to the FR series model designed by a manufacturing company named Kawasaki.

FR series engines are often called heavy-duty residential engines due to how well-built and versatile they work.

However, even the most powerful of machines do have problems, and this model is not an exception as it has many issues you might have while using it to work.

This article discusses some Kawasaki fr691v problems and how you can solve them.

8 Common Kawasaki FR691V Problems

  1. Blown head gasket
  2. Faulty carburetor
  3. Faulty starter
  4. Engine stopping
  5. High fuel consumption
  6. Engine overheating
  7. Engine noise and vibration
  8. Producing excess black smoke

1. Blown Head Gasket

This Kawasaki model’s head gasket could blow for several reasons. One of them is the engine backfiring when there is a lack of compression and smoking, which could make the fuel appear milky.

So when you are dealing with a blown head gasket, the moment you turn on the blades to cut, it will start to backfire and blow a lot of smoke.

The cylinders could also begin to make a hissing sound, and then it would start working slowly till it erupts vigorously.

Now, if the smoke you see being emitted is white, it signals either the head is warped or poor, sometimes even both.

To check the head gasket, you need to run the engine for a few minutes, turn it off, then proceed to pull the dipstick.

From the dipstick, you check if the oil has turned milky; if it has, you must change the head gasket.

You should also check the plugs; if one appears cleaner than the other, the head gasket is faulty. The only fix is to have it replaced by a professional.

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2. Kawasaki fr691v carburetor problems

Another problem common with this tractor is that the engine could cut while it is at work when the carburetor is faulty.

Sometimes after it has been left to rest for some minutes, it begins to function normally before it stops, which makes it confusing to know if the carburetor is faulty.

The solution to this most times is to get a new carburetor and replace the old one. Here’s where to find the carburetor on a mower. Also, you can check the fuel filter and clean it out if required.

The fuel shut-off solenoid in the dirty carburetor could also affect the mower. You can also check the needle valve channel for oil debris and use a clean cloth to wipe it thoroughly.

Do not forget to inspect other carburetor parts, such as the gaskets, diaphragms, and seals.

Kawasaki fr691v carburetor cleaning

  1. Remove the air filter cover and air filter to access the carburetor.
  2. Use a carburetor cleaner to spray and clean the external surfaces.
  3. Carefully disassemble the carburetor, taking note of the position of the components.
  4. Soak the disassembled parts in a carburetor cleaner for the recommended time.
  5. Use a soft brush or compressed air to remove stubborn debris.
  6. Inspect all components for signs of wear or damage and replace them if necessary.
  7. Reassemble the carburetor, ensuring proper alignment of parts.
  8. Reinstall the carburetor, air filter, and air filter cover.
  9. Start the engine and check for smooth operation.

3. Kawasaki fr691v starter problems

If the components attached to the starter are faulty, they could prevent the engine from kicking. Battery buildup, faulty ignition coil, and overheating can also cause the starter to fail.

This leads to the mower turning but not starting at all. Even when it starts, it is quite difficult to make it crank.

To know what part of the starter is faulty, you would need to open the hood of the machine to check.

If they have gone bad, you can fix the starting issues by checking and replacing the starter solenoid or safety switch.

At times the battery connections could also be the problem. You might also need to readjust the valve if it is too tight.

When the rocker bracket bolts have come out, you might need to push them in or change them. If the pushrods have been bent or affected, they should be replaced.

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4. Engine Stopping

kawasaki fr691v problems image

Another problem with the Kawasaki FR691V is that the engine could suddenly stop working.

Many things could cause the mower engine to stop, but a clogged carburetor is the main one. When this happens, the oil needed to power the engine will be unable to reach it.

Other causes include worn-out spark plugs, insufficient lubrication, and clogged air filters. This can be fixed by cleaning out the clogged carburetor’s pipe so fuel and oil can flow.

You should also check the plugs with their wires thoroughly and then change the spark plugs if they are the culprit and ensure they start firing well.

The filters should also be checked and cleaned out if necessary. You also want to ensure an adequate supply of air and fuel; if stale, you can replace the fuel with a good quality one.

4. High Fuel Consumption

If the fuel line of the lawn mower is clogged or the fuel used is poor, it could result in increased fuel consumption than usual.

This might not affect the engine immediately, but in the long run, it will, so you should fix it as soon as possible.

The only way to correct this problem is to check the quality of fuel you want to use all the time, and if it is already filled with poor quality fuel, that is, containing more than 10% ethanol, it should be changed.

Also, you need to check the engine to see if it is faulty, as it could be burning more fuel than it should. All connections should also be very tight, which includes fuel lines, fuel filters, and manifolds.

6. Engine Overheating

One thing about using this tractor is you will frequently experience the engine overheating. It could be more difficult to deal with if the engine is old, has not been serviced in a long time, or you fail to use the right Kawasaki engine oil. (Here’s a list of some of the best oil for Kawasaki fr691v)

There are several reasons why the engine would overheat. Some of them are low fuel pressure or coolant contaminated with debris, making it unable to transport cooled fuel to regulate the engine’s temperature.

You can fix this overheating problem by checking the engine and cleaning all its parts. Then you should also check the coolant system to see if its pump needs replacement or repair.

The fan blades should also be checked if faulty. You also want to ensure that the radiator cap, thermostats, and water pump are not faulty.

7. Engine Noise and Vibration

The tractor’s engine could also begin to make a cracking noise after some time. When this happens, it usually signals that the engine is either damaged or has been affected by internal or external damage.

Most times, the noise comes from a broken engine fan. Also, it could begin to vibrate more than usual, which should not be taken lightly as it could strain other parts of the mower and cause further problems with time.

You can stop the cracking noise by checking if the engine fan is damaged, then you can clean it or repair it if needed.

Also, if the fuel pressure is low, it results in noise. So you can check the fuel pump to see if it is clogged and clean it, so there is normal fuel flow.

After taking the necessary steps and checking all these, if your engine is still not working as it should, get a qualified mechanic or take it to a repair shop for proper checks and repairs.

8. Producing Excess Black Smoke

If your mower begins to release more black smoke than usual, then there is a problem. This is another common problem with this model due to an imbalance in the air and gas in the mower.

When the gas-to-air ratio starts getting too high, more fuel is delivered to the cylinder than air, producing black smoke.

Also another cause of this problem is when the engine’s piston rings get faulty. To fix this, you need to check the fuel tank to ensure there is no damage; if there is, it should be replaced.

Also, when filling the tank, you should avoid over-fueling as it is the leading cause of excess black smoke from the exhaust.

You should also take breaks between sessions so the engine does not get overworked. If the piston rings are loose, you should tighten them and change them if faulty.

Kawasaki Fr691v Troubleshooting Table

kawasaki fr691v problems image

Here is a table summarizing the common problems of the Kawasaki FR691V and its causes and solutions.

Carburetor– Dirt trapped in the carburetor
– Engine overworking
– Clean out carburetor if it is salvageable
– Get a new carburetor and replace the old faulty one.
Starter– Battery buildup
– Engine overheating
– Bad safety switch
– A faulty solenoid
– Troubleshoot starter
– Replace the rods and solenoids when necessary
Kawasaki fr691v fuel pump problems– Over fueling
– Poor fuel quality
– Clogged fuel filter
– Troubleshoot the engine
– Clean out fuel and air filters
– Tighten all connections
23 hp kawasaki engine problems– Overheating – Troubleshoot carburetor
Blown Head Gasket– Engine backfiring
– Faulty cylinders
– Excessive release of smoke
– Dirty plugs
– Troubleshoot the engine, fuel system, and all connected components
– Replace the head gasket as soon as possible

Kawasaki Fx691v Problems

  • Faulty carburetor
  • Clogged air filter
  • Engine issues
  • Bad spark plug

Kawasaki Fs691v Problems

  • Clogged fuel and air filters
  • Engine overheating due to faulty blades
  • Starter problems

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Is Kawasaki Fr691v Lawn Mower Good?

After looking at the many problems with this lawnmower, is it safe to still purchase it? Well, yes, there are so many good sides to the tractor.

For one, the Kawasaki Fr series are known as good heavy-duty machines made with quality engines.

The Kawasaki motor’s entire engine is designed as a 4-cycle type with automatic compression release and an internally vented carburetor.

It also has a maximum power of up to 23Hp with an overhead V-valve, 90° V-twin, and high-performance pressurized engine lubrication.

All these specifications show how much of a good commercial engine it has, which can last many years if properly maintained and serviced.

Kawasaki manufacturers have produced some of the strongest heavy-duty machines over the years. Compared to other popular brands, it is efficient and can work in almost any terrain.

The forced air-cooling system the engines have also make the FR series very easy to work with, even when the weather is very hot.

So, if you are looking for efficiency, durability, versatility, and strength, you should consider buying the FR691V, and you will not regret it.

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Kawasaki fr691v engine review

The Kawasaki FR691V engine is a highly reliable V-twin powerplant, suitable for lawn mowers and outdoor equipment.

With 726cc displacement, it offers robust performance and smooth operation. Its automatic compression release ensures easy starting and regular maintenance is essential for optimal performance.

Features like the dual-element air filter and pressurized lubrication system enhance longevity.

A rotating grass screen minimizes debris buildup, maintaining consistent performance. Overall, it’s a dependable choice for various outdoor tasks.

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How long will a Kawasaki fr691v last?

On average, the Kawasaki fr691v will last as long as 3500 hours if properly maintained and serviced during extended work periods. Its life expectancy might not last as long when used for commercial purposes and worked for long periods.

Is a Kawasaki engine good?

Yes, the Kawasaki engines are good as they can ride for up to 100,000 to 200,000 miles for several years. It is designed with the V-twin technology, which results in low emissions. This is why the Kawasaki models are highly recommended for heavy cutting over long periods.

What horsepower is an fr691v Kawasaki?

The Kawasaki fr691v has a horsepower of 23 Hp, which in kilowatts is about 17.2, which makes it strong enough to handle cutting through tough yards for commercial purposes. Horsepower capacity differs depending on how well and long it is used.

Is the Kawasaki fr691v a commercial engine?

The Kawasaki fr691v is a commercial engine designed as a 4-cycle engine with automatic compression release and an internally vented carburetor. It is a good combination of performance and power in the mowing world as it is efficient and high-quality.

Why is Kawasaki fr691v backfiring under load?

Kawasaki FR691V backfires under load due to possible issues with ignition timing, carburetor, air leaks, exhaust system, spark plugs, engine overheating, or valve problems. Proper maintenance and timely inspection can help diagnose and resolve the problem. Seek professional help if issues persist for optimal engine performance and longevity.

Final Thoughts on Kawasaki Fr691v Problems

As seen above, the Kawasaki fr691v problems are all interrelated, so a fault in one part could affect another.

You do not want to take chances, as recurring problems over time would reduce the engine’s lifespan.

These problems range from starter issues to the head gasket blowing, faulty carburetor, engine overheating, stopping or making a lot of noise and vibration, to producing excess smoke.

The best solution to these problems is to check the parts regularly so what is dirty or clogged is cleaned out, and those that need to be replaced are.

Overall, this model is a good buy, and with regular maintenance, you will enjoy using it for a long time.