13 Kubota Zero Turn Mower Problems and Solutions

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If you love Kubota zero-turn mowers, you’re not alone. Millions of other DIY and professional landscapers rely on these advanced mowers to maintain beautiful, healthy lawns.

Moreover, Kubota zero-turn lawnmowers are durable, ergonomic, and easy to operate. However, like the best, Kubota zero-turn mowers occasionally run into issues.

So, you must be prepared for periodic repairs. This guide enumerates the most common Kubota zero-turn mower problems and how to fix them.

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About Kubota Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

Kubota zero-turn mowers are a line of Kubota mower tractors designed for extra durability, superior comfort, and professional results. They’re characterized by the following;

  • Powerful engines from 19hp to 32.5hp.
  • Petrol or diesel-powered engine options.
  • Extra large decks from 36-72 inches.
  • Superior comfort with padded bucket suspension seats.

13 Most Common Kubota Zero Turn Mower Problems

Although easy to maintain and highly durable, Kubota zero-turn tractor mowers occasionally present owners with a few challenges.

The following are the thirteen most common issues and how to solve them.

Problem #1: Kubota Zero Turn Mower Doesn’t Start

Whenever a Kubota mower refuses to start, begin your troubleshooting by inspecting the unit for clogged filters, low or wrong fuel, and ignition system issues.

Here’s what we recommend;

  • Clogged filters: Replace the air filter or unclog the fuel filter.
  • Low fuel level, wrong fuel, or bad fuel: Replenish the fuel tank or change the fuel.
  • Ignition system issues: Clean or replace the ignition plug (spark plug).
  • Other issues: A safety switch and a dead or weak battery are possible. Repair or replace as appropriate.

Problem #2: Kubota Zero Turn Mower Shuts Off Suddenly

A sudden shutoff isn’t a new mower issue. Begin by troubleshooting the unit for clogged filters or fuel lines, blocked cooling fins, and bad fuel.

  • Clogged filters or fuel lines: Clean or replace the filters and fuel lines.
  • Blocked cooling fins: Remove dirt and debris to restore cooling system function.
  • Are you using the right fuel: Replace dirty or wrong fuel.

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Problem #3: Kubota Zero Turn Poor Hydraulic Transmission Issues

Kubota zero-turn tractor mowers are fitted with hydraulic transmission systems (HTS) for superior reliability and performance. If the HTS fails, inspect it for the following possible issues;

  • A bad drive belt: Repair broken parts or replace the belt.
  • Low or bad hydraulic oil: Change the hydraulic fluid or top it up.
  • Hydraulic pump issue: Air is likely trapped in the hydraulic system. Bleed the hydraulic system to fix the problem.

Problem #4: Kubota Zero Turn Mower Produces Excessive Smoke

Excessive smoke is often a sign of incomplete fuel combustion, which could point to clogged filters or bad engine oil.

Alternatively, it could be a fuel line problem. Here’s how to troubleshoot the issue;

  • Filtration issues: Unclog clogged fuel and air filters and replace damaged ones.
  • Insufficient or bad engine oil: Replenish the engine oil or replace contaminated oil.
  • Fuel line problems: Probe the fuel line and fix the leaks. Also, check the fuel cap and tighten or replace it.

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Problem #5: Kubota Zero Turn Mower Deck Doesn’t Raise All the Way

Broken or disconnected lift or transmission cables are the most common causes of mower deck-raising issues. Alternatively, you may have a faulty limit switch.

Here’s what to do;

  • Broken or disconnected lift or transmission cable: Repair or replace the cable.
  • Faulty height limit switch: Replace the height limit switch.
  • Faulty ignition: Replace the spark plug or seek professional assistance.

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Problem #6: Kubota Lawn Mower Engine Overheats and Stalls

If your Kubota mower overheats and stalls, begin by checking the radiator. Is it broken? Is it leaking? Are a few parts missing? Here’s what we recommend;

  • Radiator issues: Is the radiator damaged? Does it have a pinhole leak? Repair the radiator and fix leaks.
  • Overspeeding: Check the engine speed and slow down as needed.
  • Blocked filter: Clean or replace the filter.

Problem #7: Kubota Zero Turn Mower Doesn’t Move

We’ve encountered many complaints about the Kubota mower starting but not moving, meaning the engine runs, but the wheels don’t. If this happens, you’re likely facing one of the following issues;

  • The drive release level is out of position: Move the drive release level to the “operating position.”
  • Worn pump belt: The belt is either too old or damaged. So, replace it.
  • Air in the hydraulic system: Bleed the air from the hydraulic system.

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Problem #8: Kubota Zero Turn Mower Steering Issues

The most common steering issues on Kubota mowers are worn/loose steering components and hard steering that pulls to the left or right.

Unfortunately, this can point to a major underlying issue. Here’s what to do;

  • Steering pulls to the left or right when operating the tractor: Ensure adequate tire pressure and alignment.
  • Worn or loose steering components: Tighten or replace loose and missing components.

Problem #9: Kubota Zero Turn Mower Cut Quality Issues

So, the mower runs perfectly. Unfortunately, it doesn’t cut well. The cut is uneven, or the blade “kind of” drags through the cutting process.

This is often due to dull or misaligned blades. We recommend the following;

  • Cut quality is flawed or uneven: Sharpen the blades to maintain good cut quality. Additionally, check the blades for bends and unclog them as necessary.
  • The blade feels like it drags: Is the parking brake engaged? Is the belt tensioner working properly? Do you have enough oil pressure? Begin by fixing these three issues.

Problem #10: Kubota Zero Turn Mower Vibrates Excessively 

Excessive vibration can cause great discomfort to the driver. Moreover, it causes unnecessary noises and may loosen a few bolts while accelerating wear and tear.

The following are common causes and solutions;

  • The clutch bearing is failing: Replace the clutch bearing.
  • Spindle/pulley bearings are failing: Replace the pulley bearings.
  • The mower blades have become unbalanced or clogged: Re-balance the blades and remove clogs.

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Problem #11: Kubota Zero Turn Mower Won’t Stop

This is a strange one – but perhaps the most dangerous issue. The rogue tractor can ram into buildings or cause other accidents.

It also causes preventable fuel wastage. The following are common causes and what to do;

  • Faulty kill switch or wiring problem: Rewire the switch or replace it.
  • The throttle/choke control cable isn’t properly seated: Repair or replace the cable.

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Problem #12: Kubota Zero Turn Power Takeoff (PTO) Issues

Although it’s not a common problem, the Kubota power takeoff (PTO) may malfunction or completely fail, leading to transmission failure.

The following are a few ways to address faulty or malfunctioned PTOs on a Kubota zero-turn unit.

  • PTO not working: The safety switch is preventing operation. Rewire the switch or replace it. 
  • Faulty clutch: Repair the clutch.

Problem #13: The Kubota Zero Turn Leaks Gas

Leaking gas is a safety and efficiency concern. It can start a fire if not addressed promptly. Simultaneously, gas leaks cause unnecessary fuel wastage.

The two most coom causes are;

  • A bad, worn, dry, or brittle gasket: Replace the affected gasket.
  • Float needle stuck in the carburetor: Replace the needle and unclog the carburetor.

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Common Problems with Specific Kubota Models

Besides the above general issues, the following are common problems with selected Kubota zero-turn tractor mowers.

Kubota z724 Problems

  • Stiff handles
  • Overheating
  • Starting problems

Kubota zg23 Common Problems

Kubota z725 Problems

  • Uneven cuts
  • Blades scalping grass
  • Excessive vibration

Kubota zg227 Problems

  • Safety switch issues
  • Sputtering and backfiring
  • Zg227 not starting

Kubota zg222 Problems

  • It’s slower than other mowers
  • Discharge chute issues
  • Wheels on mower deck bend off the centre easily

Kubota z726x Problems

  • Engine stalls after about 30 minutes
  • The mower won’t start
  • Mower engine overheating

Kubota zd1011 Problems

  • It’s a heavy mower (weighs 1400lbs)
  • Hydraulic system issues
  • The steering system feels loose

Kubota zg127s Problems

  • Safety switch problems
  • Mower stalls after about an hour
  • The mower dies after you pull off choke

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Kubota Zero Turn Reviews

Overall, Kubota zero-turn mower owners are highly impressed. Many users hail the tractors’ convenience and ease of use.

For instance, one reviewer says they’re “a pleasure to use,” while another says, “It cuts well with sharp blades and is easy to maneuver.”

Indeed, one user who’s owned a Kubota zero turn since 2004 says he’s replaced only one blade spindle and mower belt.

So, you can bet that they’re highly dependable mowers, except for normal wear and tear.

While the Kubota brand is renowned for producing high-quality zero-turn mowers, it’s worth noting that there are various other options available in the zero-turn mower market.

To provide you with a more comprehensive understanding of your choices, you might find it valuable to explore our article that compares Ariens zero-turn mowers with Gravely zero-turn mowers.

Kubota Zero Turn Troubleshooting

1. Mower doesn’t start– Clogged filters
– Low fuel
– Ignition issues
– Replace the filters
– Top up the fuel
– Clean the spark plug
2. Mower shuts off suddenly – Clogged filters
– Blocked cooling fins
– Wrong fuel
– Clean the filters
– Clean dirty carburetor
– Change the fuel
3. Poor hydraulic transmission– Bad drive beltBad transmission oil
– Hydraulic pump issues
– Change the drive belt
– Change transmission oil
– Repair damaged hydraulic pump
4. Mower produces excessive smoke– Filtration issues
– Bad engine oil
– Clogged fuel lines
– Change air and oil filter
– Use fresh oil
– Clean the fuel lines
5. Mower deck doesn’t raise– Broken lift cableFaulty height limit switch
– Faulty ignition
– Replace the lift cable
– Repair height limit switch
– Troubleshoot the ignition system
6. Engine overheats and stalls– Malfunctioning radiator
– Clogged filters
– Overspeeding
– Repair/replace the radiator
– Clean the air filters
– Avoid overspeeding 
7. Mower doesn’t move– Drive release level out of position 
– Worn pump belt
– Air in the hydraulic system
– Realign the drive release level
– Replace the pump belt
– Bleed the hydraulic system
8. Steering wheel issues– Steering wheel pulls left or right
– Worn steering components
– Ensuse adequate tire pressure
– Replace worn components
9. Poor cut quality– Dull mower bladesLoose belt tensioner– Sharpen mower blades
– Tighten the belt tensioner
10. Mowever vibrates excessively– Failing clutch bearings
– Failing pulley bearings
– Unbalanced/clogged blades
– Replace clutch bearings
– Replace pulley bearings
– Balance or unclog mower blades
11. Mower won’t stop– Faulty kill switch
– Improperly seated choke control cable 
– Rewire the switch
– Replace the control cable
12. PTO issues– Faulty safety switchesFault clutch– Repair the safety switch
– Repair or replace the clutch
13. Mower leaks gas– Bad gasketBlocker carburetor– Replace the gasket
– Clean/unclog the carburetor

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Kubota Zero Turn Mower Problems Summary

Kubota zero-turn mowers are the ideal choice for professional lawn management. They’re powerful mowers with large decks and comfortable seats.

Moreover, they cut glass with ease while minimizing clogging. But beware of issues like engine overheating, stalling, and poor transmission. Fortunately, many of these issues are easy to fix.

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