8 LS Tractor Problems And Their Fixes

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LS tractors are essential tools in homes. You can deploy them to perform tasks ranging from heavy garden work to light yard work.

They are versatile and feature various attachments for digging, earth moving, and mowing. Thus, no matter the task, LS guarantees to provide the right tool for the task head.

Unfortunately, LS tractors are susceptible to breakdowns. When it occurs, it results in a loss of time and could inconvenience you.

Such breakdowns may also make the tractor inefficient and could lead to financial losses.

Thus, to enjoy using the tractors, you’ll need to acquire some basic knowledge and learn how to go about LS tractor problems.

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  1. The engine struggles to start
  2. Engine stalling while in use
  3. The engine overheats
  4. The Engine produces smoke
  5. The engine does not have enough power
  6. Steering problem
  7. Electrical problem
  8. Faulty filters and brakes

1. The Engine Struggling to Start

Almost all tractors, irrespective of the brand, will experience engine problems. Specifically, starting problems are common if the engine is not well-maintained.

But since this can happen anytime, knowing the steps to take and the things to do to remedy the problem can make using LS tractors enjoyable.

The LS engine could struggle to start if the battery has no charge or is faulty. Also, the engine will have trouble starting if the PTO switch is turned on.

Similarly, it will not start if the fuel filters are clogged and do not allow fuel to reach the engine.


  • Check the battery to see if the circuit is complete, and tighten the terminals if possible.
  • Check if the PTO switch is turned off.
  • Check the starter solenoid.
  • If the starter solenoid has failed, consider replacing it.
  • If the fuel filter is old and clogged and does not allow fuel to reach the engine, consider cleaning or changing it.


2. Engine Stalling While in Use

The engine may start but stall after some time. In some cases, it may stall mid-use. This is frustrating and could waste your time.

Stalling may happen if there is a fuel issue. Besides, a clogged fuel filter that blocks fuel from reaching the engine could also cause the problem.

Stalling could also occur if the nozzles that vaporize fuel in the combustion engine have issues and are underperforming.

A problematic nozzle does not vaporize or allow enough oil to flow to the combustion chamber. As a result, it becomes difficult for the chamber to maintain the combustion process.


  • Check the tank and ensure there is enough fuel to avoid starving the engine.
  • Replace the fuel filter.
  • Clean or change the nozzle to enable it to vaporize enough oil in the combustion chamber.
  • Check and fix any issues with engine lubrication points if they are causing inefficiency.
  • If the engine shuts at low speed only, the cause is a faulty injection pump or incorrect valve gap. Therefore inspect and repair them.

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3. The Engine Overheats

The engine overheats when the tractor cannot dissipate the heat it generates. This could happen if there is a problem with the coolant or the radiator.

If the coolant is insufficient, the engine may overheat. Similarly, if the radiator screen is dirty and blocked, it leads to more problems.

Lastly, if the air filter is clogged, it may not allow clean air to circulate in the engine. So the engine retains the heat it generates, leading to overheating.


  • Top up the coolant during regular maintenance.
  • Check the radiator screen and ensure it allows heat to dissipate. Unblock it by washing it to remove dirt.
  • Wash and replace air filters accordingly.

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4. The Engine Produces Smoke

When smoke starts coming from the engine, you will likely get alarmed and panic. However, this is not a severe problem, so it may be vital to remain calm.

But the presence of smoke is a sign of burning excess oil. This happens when there is a problem. Hence the sooner you take care of the problem, the better for your tractor.

One of the leading causes of the problem is a clogged air filter which creates a heavy fuel mixture that does not contain enough air.

It results in incomplete combustion. Also, if oil leaks onto the muffler, it gets burnt off and releases smoke. The presence of oil on the muffler is a sign of a leaking fuel system.

Similarly, if the machine has been in store for an extended period, burning old and stale oil could make the engine produce smoke.

However, if the engine produces white smoke that irritates the eyes, it means that it is burning the oil. Such smoke could irritate the eyes or the skin.

Thus finding a solution to the problem may protect the tractor from further deterioration.


  • Check, clean, or replace air filters.
  • Check the fuel systems for leaks and find an appropriate remedy.
  • If the oil is old, replace it.
  • Check the fuel injectors in case of white smoke and consider replacing them.

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5. The Engine Does Not Have Enough Power

If the engine starts well but struggles to keep the tractor moving, it could be a mechanical issue or fuel problem.


  • Check the fuel tank level and refill if it is too low.
  • Check and unblock the injection nozzles. If they are faulty, ensure to replace them.
  • Check the oil filter and ensure it allows the oil to flow.
  • If there is leakage or the fuel line is compromised, check and repair them.
  • If the fuel pump is not delivering fuel correctly, replace it.

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6. Steering Problem

Steering problems are dangerous. They make turning the tractor in the right direction hard and could result in a serious accident if the tractor carries a heavy load.

Your tractor will experience a steering problem if the hydraulic is not delivering sufficient pressure to steer the tractor in the desired direction.

Also, misaligning the column spline and the steering unit could cause a problem.

When the air gets into the hydraulic system, it reduces efficiency, making it hard to steer the tractor in the right direction.


  • Check and realign the column spine and the steering unit. If they are disconnected, reconnect them.
  • Ensure the pump is working and that there is sufficient hydraulic oil. Also, check and ensure that no air gets into the hydraulic system.
  • Raise the temperature of the fluid to get the air out of the hydraulic system.

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7. Electrical Problem

Electrical issues are expected not just in LS tractors but almost all automobiles.

They may originate from the battery itself, the terminus, or the circuit. If the battery sits idle for a long time, it discharges and may need a recharge before it can start the tractor.

If the cables are nipped, causing circuitry discontinuity, no power reaches the starter. Similarly, if the terminals are dirty and rusty, the power may not get to different parts of the tractor.


  • If the battery has been idle for a long time, recharge it. If the tractor sits idle, ensure to start and run it every couple of days.
  • Inspect the cables to ensure continuity and replace those that are worn out.
  • Inspect and clean the battery terminals often to prevent a build-up.
  • Visit a local dealer if the problem is persistent.

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Faulty Filters and Brakes

Filters block fuel debris from getting into the engine. But when the filters are faulty, they may allow the debris to get into the tractor engine and could result in serious problems.

Similarly, the bakes will enable you to regulate the tractor’s speed or stop it when in motion. When they fail, driving the tractor may be a problem.

LS Tractor Problems Image


  • Check and replace the filters according to the LS tractor manufacturer manual.
  • Ensure the brake fluid level is ok.
  • Repair brakes after some time.

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What People Feel About LS Tractor

LS tractors are certainly good tractors. They are powerful and designed for howling cargo or mowing. Here is what you can expect from each brand.

LS Mt125 Review

LSmt 125 is a compact tractor featuring a 3-cylinder indirect injection and water-cooled engine.

It is an ideal tractor for howling tasks – thanks to its front wheel mechanical assist (4WD) and the independent PTO switch.

Also, the tractor features a front-mount snow blower that clears snow in seconds. If you love running the engine at PTO speed, then LSmt 125 could be a good choice. It whines less, and the engine cranks up faster.

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LS mt125 problems

LSmt125 experiences the following problems:

  • Engine refuses to start
  • Engine producing smoke
  • Engine stalls
  • Electrical problems
  • Steering problems

LS mt225e Reviews

The LS mt 225e is a good tractor for hauling and mowing activities. The tractor is fairly priced and suitable for gardening activities.

Its transmission is effective and makes the tractor a good choice for anyone living in a mountainous region.

Thus, LSmt 225e series is designed for a mix of work. You can deploy it for loading activities, digging boulders, and even moving dirt.

Also, the tractor could come in handy for brush removal, firewood howling tasks, mowing, and snow removal activities.

If you are used to the manual transmission, you will find driving the LS mt 225e series easy.

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LS Mt225s Reviews

When planning to buy a tractor, sampling a few models is the first thing you must do. If you go for the LS series, you will still need to decide what to buy.

The MT 225S series is thus one of the options you may need to consider. It is a mid-range compact mower featuring a 60″ drive-over deck, dual pedal hydrostat transmission, and a loader.

The tractor features an ergonomic design and comes with backhoe attachments.  Furthermore, it features a reversible seat, which allows you to transition from operating the backhoe by pulling a lever.

LSxu6168 Review

The LS xu6168 is another option if you are planning to buy a particular tractor for mowing and other farm activities.

This is a diesel-powered engine with a capacity of 2.5l and capable of producing 68 hp of haulage.

The tractor features a four cylinders engine with a torque of 174 lb-ft. LS xu6168 features a 4WD system with 16 reverse and forward transmission systems.

However, the reverse and forward transmission systems are susceptible to problems and are among the issues you may need to grapple with if you choose to own this tractor.

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 LS Tractor Troubleshooting

The engine does not start when you turn ignition systemCheck the battery and PTO switch
Engine produces smokeReplace oil and oil filters
Engine doesn’t have powerUnblock injection nozzles, and repair fuel line and pump
Steering problemRealign the column spline, fill the hydraulic oil
Electrical problemRecharge the battery and replace worn-out cables
Faulty filtersReplace them
Bad brakesRefill the brake fluid and repair them


Are ls tractors any good?

Unlike other tractors, LS is well-designed with a few inherent problems. But to enjoy the best service from the tractor, you must provide regular maintenance. Also, if you can habitually visit an ls dealer repair shop at least four times a year, LS tractors will give you excellent service.

What engine do LS tractors use?

LS tractors use MT3 turbocharged diesel engines. The MT3 engine is the largest, with three cylinders whose output ranges from 42 to 57 horsepower. In addition, the tractors feature a 16-forward by 16 reverse transmission system.

Who builds the LS tractor engine?

LS Matron Co. Ltd builds LS tractors. The company spun off from LG group and has its headquarters in Anyang, South Korea. It manufactures both machinery and electronic components. Besides farm machinery and electrical components, LS Matron also produces injection molding machines, among other things.

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LS is a good utility tractor with excellent features. The top features include a standard instructor’s seat, two rear remotes, and a three-point hitch.

Also, the tractor comes with three different transmissions, Goodyear LSW tires, and superior lift capacity. It explains why many users are satisfied with its services.

However, like other farm tools, there are a couple of LS tractor problems you must learn how to solve. Thus, if you are a DIY person, you will enjoy using the tractor for domestic or commercial tasks.