Gravely Vs Hustler Mower Comparison Guide

Gravely Vs Hustler

Imagine a beautiful lawn that everyone admires. To keep it looking great, you need a good mower. Gravely and Hustler are two well-known mower brands.

They’re famous for making quality mowers. In this article, we’ll compare Gravely vs Hustler mowers. We’ll look at what makes them special and how they perform.

Whether you’re a homeowner who loves a neat lawn or a business owner who needs reliable mowers, this article will help you choose the right one.

Let’s explore the things that make Gravely and Hustler different when it comes to lawn mowers.

What Are the Differences Between Hustler Vs Gravely Mowers?

Hustler is known for its innovative technology, emphasizing user-friendly controls. Gravely, on the other hand, is recognized for its durability and precision cutting. Both brands cater to distinct preferences, making the choice a matter of priorities and needs.

Gravely Lawn Mowers

Gravely Lawn Mowers have a long history that began in the United States. They were started by Benjamin Franklin Gravely in 1916. Today’s Gravely dealer is Ariens Company.

The mowers are made in Brillion, Wisconsin, USA. Gravely is known for making strong and reliable mowers just like the John Deere and Bad Boy.

They have special technologies that make cutting grass more accurate and easy. They offer different types of mowers, some for regular homes and others for professional landscaping work.

Many people trust Gravely because of their good quality. As we compare Gravely with Hustler, remember these important things that make Gravely mowers what they are.

Hustler Lawn Mowers

Hustler Lawn Mowers come from a legacy of innovation and practicality. Established with a vision for improvement in 1964, the brand has grown into a symbol of modern mowing technology.

Hustler is now a part of Excel Industries, and its mowers are crafted in Hesston, Kansas, USA.

Hustler is known for its pioneering zero-turn technology. This allows for exceptional maneuverability and efficient cutting.

The brand offers a range of mowers suitable for residential and commercial purposes. With each designed with user convenience in mind.

Hustler’s commitment to delivering a smooth and precise mowing experience has earned it a reputation among homeowners and professionals alike.

Gravely vs Hustler: Head-to-Head Comparison

1. Engine Efficiency and Capacity

Gravely mowers boast powerful engines that get the job done efficiently. They’re designed to use fuel wisely, which is good for your wallet and the environment.

These mowers work well on different lawn sizes, from small to big yards. Their engines are like strong horses that can handle various grass types.

Hustler mowers also have strong engines that pack a punch. These engines are big and efficient, which means they can cover large areas without using too much fuel.

If you have a big lawn, Hustler mowers are like reliable workhorses that won’t let you down. They’re designed to be efficient and save you money on fuel in the long run.

Both Gravely and Hustler offer mowers with engines that balance power and efficiency. Gravely suits a range of lawn sizes, while Hustler excels in covering expansive spaces.

Verdict: Gravely wins for versatility across lawn sizes, while Hustler excels in efficiency for larger areas.

 2. Cutting Quality

Gravely mowers ensure precision cuts that make your lawn look amazing. They’re designed to give you even results every time you mow.

Your lawn will look neat and polished, like it’s had a professional touch. Gravely mowers make sure every blade of grass gets the same treatment.

Hustler mowers take cutting to the next level with advanced technology. They guarantee accurate and clean cuts every time you mow.

You won’t have to worry about uneven patches on your lawn. Hustler mowers make sure your grass looks neat and perfect, even in tricky areas.

Both Gravely and Hustler prioritize cutting quality. With Gravely focusing on uniformity and Hustler highlighting advanced technology for precise results.

Verdict: Both brands deliver impressive cutting quality. Gravely emphasizes consistency, while Hustler excels with advanced cutting technology. It’s a tie between precision and innovation.

3. Maneuverability and Comfortability

Gravely mowers are designed to be easy to maneuver, making your mowing experience comfortable and safe.

They offer intuitive controls that help you navigate your lawn without any trouble. Whether you have a few yards to cover or a more complex area.

Gravely riding mower provide a smooth ride while ensuring your safety by offering precise control. Hustler mowers elevate maneuverability to a higher level, particularly in their zero-turn line.

Featuring the innovative SmoothTrak steering. Hustler mowers excel in navigating tight spots and delivering accurate cuts.

This not only saves time, energy, and fuel but also enhances safety by allowing you to maneuver around obstacles with precision.

Both Gravely and Hustler prioritize maneuverability for user comfort and safety. With Gravely focusing on ease of use and Hustler excelling in maneuvering through challenging areas.

Verdict: Hustler wins for its exceptional maneuverability.

4. Affordability and Price

Gravely mowers offer affordability without compromising on quality. They’re known for providing value for money, making them a great choice for those on a budget.

While their design might be less modern, you get durable performance that’s worth the investment.

Hustler mowers might have a higher cost due to their advanced features. They’re designed with modernization in mind, which can impact the price.

This also depends with the Hustler dealer you approach. If budget is less of a concern and you’re looking for a mower with innovative features, Hustler is a good option.

Verdict: Gravely wins for affordability and value for money

5. Warranty Coverage and Support

Most Gravely mowers come with warranties lasting 4 to 5 years. Additionally, Gravely is known for its responsive customer service that’s quick and easy to reach.

If you have concerns, Gravely companies are ready to help you promptly. The Hustler brand offers a competitive advantage with its mobile service program.

This program allows customer service to come to your home to address any issues you might have. While this is convenient, Gravely wins in overall efficiency in customer service.

Verdict: Gravely wins for its efficient and accessible customer service

6. Innovation: Features That Elevate

Gravely mowers are designed with innovative features that enhance user experience. They focus on user-friendly technology that responds to everyday lawn care needs.

Some of their standout features include adjustable cutting heights, ergonomic controls, and easy-to-use maintenance points.

While Gravely emphasizes practicality, their technology might not be as advanced as Hustler’s.

Hustler mowers shine in the innovation department. With cutting-edge technologies that set them apart.

The brand’s emphasis on modernization is evident in features like SmartChoke technology for easy starting.

Also enhanced maneuverability through patented steering systems.  And even connectivity options for monitoring your mower’s performance.

Hustler leads the way in integrating technology into the mowing experience.

Verdict: Hustler wins for its advanced technologies and features.

7. Durability and Longevity

Gravely takes pride in producing mowers that are built to last. These mowers are designed for durability just like other brands such as the Cub Cadet.

With sturdy materials that can withstand demanding usage. Gravely’s commitment to longevity means that their mowers are reliable companions for the long run.

Hustler also emphasizes robust build quality, ensuring that their mowers endure tough conditions. Gravely’s focus on longevity gives them an edge in terms of long-lasting performance.

Verdict: Gravely wins for its emphasis on producing mowers that are not only durable but also built to withstand the test of time.

8. Maintenance and Replacement Parts

Gravely mowers are designed with accessibility in mind when it comes to maintenance. They provide easy-to-reach maintenance points, making it simpler for users to perform upkeep.

Additionally, replacement parts for Gravely mowers are readily available. This ensures that you can keep your mower running smoothly without hassle.

Hustler mowers also offer convenient maintenance. With available replacement parts to keep your machine in top shape.

Hustler introduces a unique advantage with its mobile service program. The program makes maintenance even more convenient.

Both brands make maintenance straightforward. Gravely focusing on accessible points and parts availability. While Hustler adds the convenience of its mobile service option.

Verdict: Gravely takes the lead in overall maintenance accessibility and convenience.

9. Fuel Efficiency and Environmental Consciousness

Gravely mowers stand out in fuel efficiency with their Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) technology. This ensures fuel is delivered to the engine’s combustion chambers with exceptional efficiency.

Their EFI technology in partnership with brands like Kawasaki engines guarantees cleaner emissions. This is great news for both the environment and your wallet.

Hustler mowers also prioritize fuel efficiency, helping you save money on fuel costs. Both brands aim for fuel efficiency.

Gravely’s advanced EFI technology gives them an advantage in terms of environmental consciousness.

Verdict: Gravely wins, offering superior fuel efficiency and environmental benefits.

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Comparison Table: Hustler vs Gravely  Lawn Mowers

Engine Efficiency and CapacityStrong engines, efficient fuel useStrong engines, efficient fuel useTie: Both offer power and efficiency.
Cutting QualityAdvanced cutting technologyPrecise, even cutsTie: Both excel in cutting quality.
Maneuverability and ComfortSmoothTrak steering, easy navigationEasy maneuverability, user-friendlyHustler: Exceptional maneuverability.
Affordability and PriceCompetitive pricing, choicesReasonable pricing, good valueGravely: Value for money.
Warranty Coverage and SupportMobile service option, customer serviceQuick and reachable customer serviceGravely: Efficient and accessible.
Innovation: Features That ElevateCutting-edge advancements, connectivityUser-centric technology, practical featuresHustler: Advanced technology.
Durability and LongevityRobust build quality, enduring performanceDurable construction, long-lasting materialsGravely: Focus on longevity.
Maintenance and Replacement PartsAvailable replacement parts, mobile serviceEasy maintenance, readily available partsTie: Both offer maintenance solutions.
Fuel Efficiency and EnvironmentalFuel efficiency, eco-conscious choicesOptimal fuel consumption, eco-friendlyGravely: Superior fuel efficiency and environmental benefits.

The Best Hustler Mowers

1. The Dash

The Dash is an entry-level mower by Hustler, offering a choice of 34 or 42-inch decks. Powered by a 10.5 horsepower Briggs & Stratton PowerBuilt engine, it can reach speeds up to 5 mph.

The Hydro-Gear ZT 1800 transmission ensures smooth operation. Its steel decks are adjustable from 1.5 to 4.5 inches for cutting height.

The strong tubular frame reflects Hustler’s durability. An automatic parking brake engages when steering levers open.

Optional extras include light kits, mulch kit, engine guard, and side grass bagger which are also in the other models such as the Hustler Raptor SD.


  • Entry-level affordability
  • Durable build quality
  • Automatic parking brake for safety


  • Limited deck size options
  • Basic features compared to higher-tier models

2. The Super 104

The Super 104 is designed for expansive commercial spaces. Equipped with a remarkable 104-inch cutting deck.

This machine is powered by a robust 35 horsepower Kawasaki FX1000 engine. The Hyper-Drive transmission system guarantees a smooth ride and precise cuts.

The Super 104’s cutting height can be adjusted from 1.5 to 5.5 inches, allowing for different grass lengths. With its large fuel capacity, it can handle long hours of operation.


  • Exceptionally wide cutting deck for large areas
  • powerful engine
  • efficient transmission system


  • Bulky and may require more storage space
  • better suited for commercial use

3. Hustler Super Z Mowers

Hustler’s Super Z series is all about pro-level performance. With engines from 27 to 40 horsepower, they’re strong and efficient.

The VX4® deck tech ensures even cuts. The SmoothTrak™ steering makes navigating easy. But these mowers are more for pros due to their price and features.


  • Strong power
  • even cutting
  • easy maneuvering


  • Expensive
  • better for pros than regular users

The Best Gravely Mowers

1. Pro-Turn 600

Gravely’s Pro-Turn 600 series is tailored for commercial applications. It offers a range of deck sizes and engine options.

These mowers are powered by high-performance engines to ensure efficient cutting even. The X-Factor® II Deck is engineered for superior airflow and cutting precision.

The adjustable suspension seat enhances operator comfort during long hours of use. However, the Pro-Turn 600 may be too powerful and costly for smaller residential lawns.


  • Commercial-grade capabilities
  • versatile deck and engine options
  • comfortable suspension seat


  • Overpowered and expensive for smaller lawns

2. Gravely Pro-Stance

Gravely’s Pro-Stance series features stand-on mowers designed for comfort and efficiency. The compact design allows easy maneuvering in tight spaces.

They are powered by high-capacity engines and equipped with adjustable cutting heights. The stand-on platform enhances operator visibility and comfort during operation.


  • Stand-on design for efficient maneuvering
  • adjustable cutting heights
  • operator comfort


  • Stand-on design might not be preferred by all users

3. Gravely Walk Behind Mowers

Gravely offers a variety of walk-behind mowers suitable for different lawn sizes. These mowers provide accurate cuts and easy maneuverability.

They are designed with durable materials and offer adjustable cutting heights. However, walk-behind mowers might require more physical effort.


  • Versatile options for different lawn sizes
  • accurate cutting, durability


  • More physically demanding for larger areas

4. Pro-Turn EV

Gravely’s Pro-Turn EV stands out as an electric model with environmental benefits. Its quiet operation and zero emissions make it eco-friendly just like the Gravely HD model.

The electric design reduces maintenance needs and operating costs. However, the limited battery life, especially when using cutting blades on larger areas, might be a drawback.


  • Eco-friendly electric design
  • quiet operation
  • reduced maintenance


  • Limited battery life for larger areas
  • longer charging times

Should I Choose A Gravely Or Hustler Residential Zero-Turn?

When it comes to residential zero-turn mowers, Gravely stands out. Their residential Gravely zero turn mower offer durability and productivity.

Gravely blends commercial-grade features with residential models, including decks, engines, comfort features, and the frame.

This approach makes Gravely’s residential mowers a strong contender, providing the benefits of commercial quality for homeowners compared to Hustler turf.

Are Gravely Commercial Zero-Turns Better Than Hustler ZTRs?

Both brands offer competitive commercial models, ensuring satisfaction. Notably, Hustler zero turn mowers are pricier than Gravely’s, but promise top-notch user experience and efficiency.

They excel in traction and endurance on uneven terrain. Gravely holds its own, delivering reliable performance.

Your choice depends on budget and specific needs, with Hustler offering enhanced capabilities at a higher cost.

Also, read more about cub cadet zero turn vs john deere zero turn mowers to make an informed decision on the best zero-turn mower for your specific lawn care needs.


Are Gravely mowers made in the USA?

Yes, Gravely mowers are proudly manufactured in the USA. The brand emphasizes American craftsmanship and quality in their production.

Is Gravely Pro Turn a commercial mower?

Absolutely, the Gravely Pro Turn 160 Zero Turn Mower is a high-performance commercial mower that comes with a beginner-friendly price tag. It’s designed to meet the demands of professional landscaping while being accessible to users new to commercial mowers.


In the Gravely vs. Hustler matchup, both brands offer great lawn mowers with their own strengths.

Gravely focuses on being tough, versatile, and user-friendly, perfect for homeowners and pros.

Hustler stands out for innovation, power, and advanced features, appealing to those wanting high-performance options.

Your choice should match your needs—whether it’s tough reliability or cutting-edge tech. Both brands have something good to offer for different lawn care preferences.