John Deere 1025r vs 2025r

John Deere 1025r vs 2025r

In the world of compact tractors, John Deere’s 1025r and 2025r models stand out. They may share that famous green and yellow paint job, but they’re far from identical. 

It’s a showdown: John Deere 1025r vs 2025r. These tractors pack different strengths, and I am here to break it all down for you. 

Whether you’re a seasoned farmer looking to upgrade or a newbie stepping into the tractor scene, this comparison will guide you. 

I’ll explore horsepower, capabilities, and performance, so you can choose the perfect fit for your needs. So, let’s jump into the world of John Deere compact tractors and discover which one suits you best.

John Deere 1025r Review

The John Deere 1025r is a sub-compact tractor with a rich history. It originated from the renowned American manufacturer, John Deere.

This tractor has been a go-to choice for homeowners and small-scale farmers since its debut.

History: The 1025r made its first appearance in 2013 as part of the John Deere 1 Series. It builds on the company’s legacy of quality tractors.

Origin: It’s made in the USA, reflecting John Deere’s commitment to domestic manufacturing.

Features: This compact powerhouse boasts a 25-horsepower engine, making it ideal for a range of tasks. Its 4WD capability ensures excellent traction, even in challenging terrain. 

The 1025r’s compact size makes it maneuverable, and perfect for tight spaces. It offers a variety of attachments, from loaders to mowers, increasing its versatility. 

Its ergonomic design provides comfort during long working hours. Overall, the John Deere 1025r is a reliable workhorse that continues to win hearts in the agricultural world.

John Deere 1025r

2025r John Deere Reviews

The John Deere 2025r is a compact tractor that carries the legacy of the iconic American manufacturer, John Deere. It’s a part of the versatile 2 Series tractors.

History: The 2025r model has been around since 2013. It evolved from John Deere’s long history of producing top-tier agricultural machinery.

Origin: Made in the USA, this tractor reflects John Deere’s commitment to quality and American manufacturing.

Features: The 2025r packs a punch with its 25-horsepower engine, providing ample power for various tasks. Its 4WD capability ensures excellent traction, even in challenging terrains. 

With a wide range of compatible attachments, from loaders to backhoes, it’s versatile. This tractor’s compact design allows it to maneuver well in tight spaces. 

The operator station is designed for comfort and efficiency. That makes long hours of work more manageable. 

John Deere 2025r

John Deere 1025r vs 2025r: Head-to-Head Comparison

Here are the features of John Deere 1025r and 2025r tractors, aiding your decision-making process for the right fit.

John Deere 1025r vs 2025r: Horsepower and PTO Horsepower

When we talk about the power under the hood, both the John Deere 1025r and 2025r tractors stand on level ground. Both of these compact workhorses pack a punch with an equal horsepower rating of 23.9. 

Whether you’re tending to your land or tackling various farming tasks, you’ll have the same amount of power at your disposal with either choice.

For the rear PTO (Power Take-Off) horsepower, both deliver 18 PTO horsepower. This means you can operate a range of implements, from mowers to augers. 

Verdict: It’s a tie.

JD 1025r and 2025r: Transmission

The JD 1025r and 2025r tractors share a common transmission system. They feature a hydrostatic design with two ranges. 

This setup provides operators with seamless control and flexibility. So, whether you’re looking to cover ground or need precise, slow-speed maneuvers, the hydrostatic transmission delivers on both fronts. 

Its user-friendly operation makes gear shifting a breeze. Even if you are new to garden tractor operation, you can navigate with confidence. 

This transmission’s versatility is a significant advantage. It enables these tractors to handle a wide array of tasks and applications.

Verdict: It’s a tie.

JD 1025r versus 2025r: 2WD or 4WD

When it comes to traction and stability, both the JD 1025r and 2025r tractors have you covered with their Four-Wheel Drive capabilities. 

This means that all four wheels receive power from the engine, providing enhanced grip and control. Whether you’re dealing with rough terrain, slippery slopes, or muddy fields, you can rely on the 4WD feature of these tractors.

This added traction ensures that you can tackle a wide variety of tasks. This makes these tractors versatile and well-suited for different agricultural and landscaping applications. 

So, whether it’s the 1025r or 2025r, you’ll have the power of 4WD at your disposal.

Verdict: It’s a tie.

2025r vs 1025r: Three Point Hitch

When it comes to the 3-Point Hitch category, both the 2025r and 1025r tractors fall into Category 1. 

This means they share the same hitch size and compatibility with Category 1 implements. Whether you need to hook up a rotary tiller, plow, or a variety of other implements, both tractors can handle it with ease. 

This standardized hitch system ensures that you can find and connect the implements you need to get your specific jobs done. This makes both the 2025r and 1025r versatile choices for agricultural and landscaping tasks.

Verdict: It’s a tie.

JD 1025r vs 2025r: Loader Lift Capacity

JD 1025r and 2025r tractors have the same loader lift capacity. Both boast an impressive 955 lbs capacity. 

This means you can lift and transport heavy loads. Whether it’s soil, gravel, or materials for your farming or landscaping projects, you can do it well. 

The consistent loader lift capacity between these models ensures that you won’t have to compromise on your lifting needs. 

Verdict: It’s a tie.

John Deere 2025r vs 1025r: Rear Tire Size

In the realm of rear tire size, the John Deere 1025r and 2025r tractors exhibit noticeable distinctions. 

The 1025r features rear tires measuring 26 by 12-12 inches. The 2025r boasts larger tires measuring 31 by 12-16.5 inches. 

This variance in tire size can impact stability, traction, and the ability to handle uneven terrain. The 2025r’s larger rear tires offer greater ground clearance and traction.

This makes it well-suited for more demanding tasks and challenging terrains. In contrast, the 1025r’s smaller tires are still effective but are better suited for lighter-duty applications.

Verdict: JD 2025r takes the lead.

John Deere tractors 1025r vs 2025r: Weight

When it comes to weight, there’s a notable distinction between the John Deere 1025r and 2025r tractors. 

The 1025r weighs in at 1,444 lbs, while the 2025r is the heavier of the two, tipping the scales at 1,793.5 lbs. This variance in weight affects the stability, traction, and maneuverability of the tractors. 

The 2025r’s greater weight provides added stability, which is good for handling heavier loads or working on uneven terrain. 

The 1025r’s lighter weight makes it more agile and well-suited for tasks that need nimbleness and versatility. 

Verdict: 2025r mower deck is heavier offering better stability.

John Deere 2025r vs 1025r: Wheelbase

The John Deere 1025r and 2025r tractors exhibit distinct differences in terms of wheelbase. The 1025r features a wheelbase of 57.1 inches, while the 2025r has a shorter wheelbase at 63 inches.

This variation in wheelbase length can impact stability, turning radius, and maneuverability. The 2025r’s shorter wheelbase also enhances maneuverability.

Conversely, the 1025r’s longer wheelbase may offer increased stability and smoother rides on rough terrain.

Verdict: 1025 wheelbase is better than 2025.

JD 2025r vs 1025r: Operator Station

When it comes to the operator station, there’s a distinction between the John Deere 1025r and 2025r tractors. 

The 1025r features a Premium operator station, while the 2025r comes with a Standard operator station. This significant difference in operator station options impacts comfort, ergonomics, and available features. 

The Premium operator station on the 1025r offers extra comfort features and conveniences. The Standard operator station on the 2025r provides essential functionality without extra frills.

Verdict: 1025 wins.

JD 2025r or 1025r: Frame

Both the JD 2025r and 1025r tractors share a similar frame size. They are part of the same John Deere 1 Series family. 

This design emphasizes durability and strength. It ensures that these tractors can withstand the demands of various tasks.

Whether you choose the 2025r or 1025r, you can expect a sturdy frame that can handle the rigors of agricultural and landscaping work.

Verdict: It’s a tie.

John Deere 1025 or 2025r: Price

The price of the John Deere 1025r and 2025r tractors can vary depending on factors such as location, dealer, and optional attachments. 

The John Deere 1025r is $27,667.00 USD, while the John Deere 2025r falls within the range of $26,000 USD to $26,499 USD. 

Verdict: John Deere 1025r is more expensive.

Table: John Deere 1025r vs 2025r

FeaturesJohn Deere 1025rJohn Deere 2025r
Horsepower and PTO Horsepower23.9 and 1823.9 and 18
TransmissionTwo range hydrostatic transmissionTwo-range hydrostatic transmission
2WD or 4WD4WD4WD
3-Point HitchCategory 1Category 1
Loader lift capacity955 lbs955 lbs
Rear tire size26*12 inches31*12-16.5 inches
Weight1,444 lbs1,793.5 lbs
Wheelbase57.1 inches63 inches
Operator stationPremiumStandard
PriceAround $27,667.00 USD$26,000 USD to $26,499 USD

John Deere 1025r vs 1023e

When comparing the John Deere 1025r and the 1023E, you’ll find two reliable compact tractors with distinct features.

The 1025r boasts a bit more power with 23.9 horsepower compared to the 1023E’s 22.9 horsepower.

Both come with hydrostatic transmissions for easy operation. However, the 1025r offers a more premium operator station for added comfort.

If you’re short on space, the 1023E’s smaller frame might be more suitable. The 1025r on the other hand provides greater versatility and lifting capacity.

Your choice should align with your specific needs, space, and the tasks you intend to tackle.


What does the R stand for in John Deere 2025R?

The “R” in John Deere tractor models stands for “Rural” or “Recreational.” It signifies that these tractors are designed for general agricultural and property maintenance purposes. These also include use on small farms, residential properties, and recreational land. 

How much can a John Deere 2025R lift?

The John Deere 2025R tractor has a loader lift capacity of around 955 pounds. This capacity allows it to handle various front-end loader attachments and lift materials or implements with a ballast weight of up to approximately 955 pounds.

What is a John Deere 1025R good for?

The John Deere 1025R is well-suited for a wide range of tasks. These include mowing quality, tilling, plowing, landscaping, material handling, and more. Its compact size and versatility make it an excellent choice for homeowners, small-scale farmers, and property maintenance tasks. 

Verdict: Which One is Right for You?

John Deere 1025r is basically the same tractor as the 2025r. It’s also evident that both tractors offer impressive capabilities. 

The choice between the two should align with your specific requirements, budget, and the nature of your tasks.

When to Choose John Deere 1025r:

  • If you have a smaller property or require maneuverability in tight spaces.
  • If you’re a homeowner, hobby farmer, or have less demanding agricultural needs.
  • If you prioritize a premium operator station and are willing to invest in additional comfort features.

When to Choose John Deere 2025r:

  • Consider the 2025r for larger properties or tasks that demand more power and stability.
  • It’s suitable for small to medium-sized farms, landscaping, and heavier-duty applications.
  • If you’re looking for a cost-effective option without all the premium comfort features.

Ultimately, your choice should align with your specific needs, terrain, and budget.