8 Kubota Bx2380 Problems and Quick Fixes

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Kubota BX2380 mowing tractor is a favorite choice for many lawn care enthusiasts because of its perfect combination of premium features at affordable prices.

The mowing tractor features a spacious operating area that many users find useful, all-powerful hydrostatic transmission, and a hydraulic steering system. Together, these features guarantee comfort, exceptional power, and smooth control.

However, Kubota Bx2380 is not without its share of glitches. But knowing the solutions can help prevent them from breaking your experience.

Read along for the common Kubota Bx2380 problems, solutions, and how to troubleshoot some of the common problems.

Kubota Bx2380 Problems and Solutions 

This section looks at the problems most users experience with their Kubota Bx2380 riding mowers.

1. PTO problems

The most common PTO problems reported on the Kubota Bx2380 include the following:

  • The tractor’s PTO light stays on even after engaging the clutch
  • PTO shaft turning when the PTO is not engaged
  • PTO shaft is not turning
  • PTO grinding but not engaging

Each of these experiences indicates a problem with the PTO system on the tractor. Ideally, a PTO will not engage due to two main reasons: owner misuse and installation issues.

So you can always fix the problem by addressing these two issues.

Furthermore, your mowing tractor could have a blocked hose, a solenoid malfunction, or a bad connection.

What to do

Start by checking the clutch lever, a common culprit in PTO problems. Look for any sign of disconnection. A bent or disconnected clutch lever will not engage, keeping the PTO from engaging.

If the clutch is the issue, fixing it should solve the problem. Alternatively, you can manually rotate the PTO shaft.

2. Engine not starting

The engine failing to start is a common problem with lawnmowers, and the Kubota Bx2380 is no exception. The failed start can be due to an empty fuel tank or a clogged one.

If you use bad, old fuel in your tractor engine, it leaves gummy deposits in the vehicle’s fuel delivery system, clogging it over time.

The affected areas typically include the carburetor, gas hoses, and fuel filter. If these deposits block the fuel filter, your engine will not receive the gas and will not start.

Alternatively, your mowing vehicle might have faulty fuel injection nozzles or a malfunctioning fuel injection pump.

Any of these problems preventing the engine from receiving gas will cause a failed ignition.

Kubota Bx2380 Problems Image

3. Possible solution

You can resolve this problem by cleaning the vehicle’s fuel delivery system.

This involves spraying a carburetor cleaner into the clogged fuel pipes and filter to loosen the deposits and blowing compressed air through them to push out the debris.

In case of malfunctioning or faulty parts, such as the fuel injection nozzles and the fuel pump, the solution is to replace them.

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4. Steering box issues

A steering box problem can cause the front wheels to jiggle or move unsteadily. You will also feel resistance when turning the steering wheel and may have difficulty maintaining the tractor on its course.

Steering wheel problems are common in rainy seasons and can significantly damage your tractor.

What to do

Since these problems result from water entering the steering box, you will need to drain the water to fix the problem.

If the steering column has a faulty, missing, or worn bushing, it can allow water into the box. This is the common cause of steering box failure.

So, after draining the water out of the malfunctioning steering box, you will need to replace the missing or worn bushing. This should help prevent the problem from recurring.

5. Engine starting and stopping

A clogged fuel filter or improper fuel injection timing are common causes of the engine shutting down by itself after a successful start.

The problem can also result from a clogged air filter element. Such clogging prevents the engine from receiving enough air to support combustion.

What to do

The solution will depend on what is causing the engine to shut down after starting, whether it is the air or fuel system.

Start by checking the gas injection pump timing. If improper timing is the culprit, adjust the timing to fix the problem.

If the fuel filter element is plugged in, clean it. Alternatively, replace the filter element altogether if it is faulty.

You can equally replace the fuel injection pump if it is malfunctioning. The same applies to a faulty air cleaner.

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6. Excessive or abnormal noise

Knocking sounds or excessive noise from your mower’s engine is a sign of a problem.

Either your engine needs to be warmed up fully or has insufficient oil in its crankcase. A noisy engine can also result from a broken or worn-out piston.

What to do

Like most other problems, you can solve the noise issue by replacing the damaged component or fixing its malfunction.

Specifically, warm up the engine if the problem is related to an engine not fully warmed up.

Add some more engine oil to the crankcase if it has insufficient engine oil, or correct the fuel injection timing if an improper pump setting is the issue.

If the problem is related to worn or broken pistons, replace them to eliminate the noise. 

7. Loader problems

The loader on your tractor is handy for spreading mulch, dirt, and more. But sometimes the loader just won’t work as required. A common problem is the loader not getting locked in place properly.

So you might notice one side of the loader popping out while the other one fits well into place when putting the component back on.

Such loader malfunctions are typically related to a problem with the attachment mechanism.

What to do

Ensure you are on perfectly flat or level ground, like in your garage, when mounting the loader to solve the problem.

You might also have to adjust the extension on the loader’s bottom lift cylinders to correct the problem, even though this is rare. But when they do cause the problem, you must adjust them to fix the issue.

8. Engine overheating

The engine on Kubota Bx2380 can overheat due to insufficient engine coolant or a faulty radiator cap. Dirty radiator fins can also cause this problem.

What to do

Clean the radiator if dirty fins are causing the problem or are noticeably dirty. For a faulty radiator cap, you will need a replacement to solve the problem.

Finally, if the engine overheats due to a cooling system problem (insufficient coolant), fill the system with the required coolant and inspect it for leaks.

Faulty or leaking components will drain the coolant and result in an overheating engine on your Kubota tractor.

If you locate such faults, replace the damaged components to solve the issue.

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Troubleshooting Kubota BX2380 Problems

Troubleshooting Kubota BX2380 Transmission

If the transmission on your Kubota tractor loses power, the problem is likely due to insufficient transmission oil. Check the oil level and add more as required.

Troubleshooting Kubota BX2380 Steering System

Excessive steering wheel free play – this happens when the steering column shaft or coupling has maximum wear.

Consider changing the worn, malfunctioning component or installing a new hydraulic steering pump in case of a faulty hydraulic fluid pump.

Tractor pulling left or right – this problem arises from a worn or defective hydrostatic steering unit. Replace or repair the steering unit to fix the problem.

Troubleshooting Kubota BX2380 Electrical System

Starter motor not turning – this happens when the battery is faulty or low-power. Replace or recharge the battery.

Battery not charging – this happens when the battery has corroded terminals or loose wiring connections.

Clean out any noticeable corrosion, change the terminal connectors, and tighten the loose connections.

Kubota tractor bx2380 troubleshooting

PTO problemsOwner misuse, installation issues, blocked hose, solenoid malfunction,Check clutch lever for disconnection or damage. Manually rotate the PTO shaft.
bad connection
Engine not startingEmpty or clogged fuel tank, bad fuel, faulty fuel injection nozzles,Clean the fuel delivery system. Spray carburetor cleaner and use compressed air to remove debris.
malfunctioning fuel injection pumpReplace faulty parts if necessary.
Steering box issuesWater entering the steering box, faulty or worn bushingDrain water from the steering box. Replace worn or missing bushing.
Engine starting and stoppingClogged fuel filter, improper fuel injection timing, clogged air filterCheck fuel injection pump timing. Clean or replace the fuel filter and air cleaner.
elementReplace the fuel injection pump if necessary.
Excessive or abnormal noiseEngine not fully warmed up, insufficient oil, broken or worn-out pistonWarm up the engine fully. Add engine oil or adjust fuel injection timing.
Replace broken or worn-out pistons.
Loader problemsProblem with the attachment mechanismEnsure mounting on flat ground. Adjust extension on bottom lift cylinders if necessary.
Engine overheatingInsufficient coolant, faulty radiator cap, dirty radiator finsClean radiator fins if dirty. Replace the faulty radiator cap. Fill the cooling system with coolant.
Inspect for leaks and replace damaged components if necessary.

Kubota Bx2380 Reviews

The Kubota BX2380 tractor is great, but it could be better. For instance, while the folding ROPs make it easier to store in standard spaces like the garage, the pins can be a headache to line up and reinsert after removing them.

Still, Kubota BX2380 users would not trade it for anything due to its robust subcompact design wielding way more power for its size.

The tractor boasts an impressive 56.1 N·m of maximum torque, thanks to a 23HP diesel engine.

If you like the BX series of Kubota sub-compact tractors, you may want to consider the new Kubota BX23s, which comes with a ton of improvement, making it more user-friendly.

Kubota 2380 Tractor Specs

Range of the front tires tread36.7 inches
Year of manufacture2017
Range of the rear tread32.3 inches
Ground clearance8.4 inches
Height (To the top of ROPS)7 ft
Tire Size24×12.00-12
Wheelbase4.6 ft
Drive Type4WD
Engine makeKubota
Engine modelD902
Engine Type3-cylinder diesel (Liquid-cooled)
Engine power23 hp
Max torque56.1 N.m
PTO Power17.7 hp
Stroke2.9 inches
Measured power3450 rpm
Pump flow6.2 gal/min
Remote control valves number2
Relief Valve Pressure1790 psi
Hitch Lift Capacity683.5 lbs
Cooling Fluid Capacity0.9 gallons
Fuel Capacity6.6 gallons
Turning Radius7.6 ft
Rear PTO2500rpm (STD)
Transmission TypeHydrostatic
Speed range8.4 mph


What is the difference between Kubota B and BX series?

The main difference between Kubota B and Bx series is that the B series is slightly bigger than the Bx series, even though both have a 23 HP engine. The bigger B series tractor has a more powerful transmission and a larger hydraulic system. That size also comes with bigger buckets and more capacity.

How much does a BX2380 cost?

The BX2380 tractor costs about $21,629. You can get it at a price slightly higher or lower than this figure, depending on whether you choose the 54-inch deck, 60-inch mower deck, or no deck at all.

How much weight can a Kubota BX2380 lift?

Kubota BX2380 has a rating of 1690 pounds lift capacity. Kubota bx2380 weight with loader is approximately 1443 pounds.

Can you put a backhoe on a BX2380?

No, the BX2380 does not support a backhoe attachment. Instead, it has a quick-release system for loader removal.

Final thoughts on Bx2380 Kubota tractor problems

The Kubota Bx2380 tractor is excellent lawn equipment with power and several convenient features. However, it can experience problems from time to time that can affect its performance.

Knowing these common Kubota Bx2380 problems can go a long way in helping you diagnose and resolve them to avoid interrupting your lawn care work.

This knowledge helps you care for and maintain your tractor better and proactively approach its maintenance. This way, you can be sure to encounter such issues less often.

We hope this guide was informative and helpful. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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