9 John Deere Z930M Problems & Their Fixes

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If your home is on a vast land, you could grow plants and flowers to make it look attractive.

But after some time, the grass may grow tall and grow bushy, so it may necessitate finding a tool to help you keep it tidy.

John Deere Z930M is one of the tools for such a task. It is a compact mower designed to navigate through trees and mow grass on a steep uphill.

This is a 25.5 Hp tractor you can rely on for mowing and executing other tasks like lifting loads. But just like other tractors, there are John Deere Z930M problems you’ll grapple with.

Engine sputtering and transaxle issues are among the most recurring problems. So you must learn to solve them to enjoy its services.

John Deere Z930M Problems

  • Engine sputtering
  • Transmission leakage
  • Blocked fuel filters
  • Bad fuse
  • Electrical coil issue
  • Mower blades problem
  • Transaxle issue

9 Common John Deere Z930M Problems

Riding through the greens can be a joy, but even John Deere’s mighty Z930M isn’t immune to mischief.

Let’s uncover the quirks that occasionally sneak into this powerful mower.

1. Engine Sputtering

Engine sputtering is one of the problems you will likely encounter when you choose the JD Z930M.

The mower spits, sputters and spats a lot. This could happen if there is a problem with the PTO clutch and the switch.

In some cases, the PTO power functionality could be failing. The problem could occur if the solenoid or the battery has issues. Besides, poor-quality oil or clogged air filters could also cause the problem.


  • Check the ignition switch functionality or broken circuit using a multimeter.
  • Replace charred, worn out, or broken belts and remove debris and obstructions from the pulley motor.
  • Change the gas or oil. (See John Deere hy gard alternative)
  • Replace the air system.

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2. John Deere Z930M Transmission Leakage

John Deere Z930M features the TuffTorg Model TZT-13 transmission. Unfortunately, this hydrostatic transaxle transmission is susceptible to leakage.

The transaxle could leak via the seal beneath the fan shaft even if there is no damage.


  • Replace the damaged parts.
  • Take the tractor to a dealer for repair if still under warranty.

Here are more solutions to John Deere hydrostatic transmission problems.

3. Blocked Fuel Filters

Sometimes, the fuel filter could get clogged or damaged. When it happens, you will likely experience overheating and sputtering of the engine.

Also, the engine may stall, refuse to start, or get too hot. Similarly, it may slow and sputter or idle.


  • Clean the fuel filter to unblock it
  • Replace the fuel filter

4. A Bad Fuse

A lousy fuse could make JD Z930M refuse to start. The fuse, usually located next to the relay, may blow off and make it difficult to start John Deere Z930M.

This could happen when you keep the machine in store for 2-3 weeks. So, when you turn it on after three weeks, it burns or blows the fuse.


  • Use a multimeter to test the battery voltage. The voltage should fall between 12.5 and 12.9 V. If it is less than 10.5 V, you may need to change the battery. If it is between 10.5 and 12.5, recharging it could solve the problem. But if it does not solve the problem, replace the fuse.

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5. Electrical Coil Issue

The electrical coil problem will likely make it difficult to start the tractor. The problem will make the plug not fire.

This could happen if some wires are loose or when there are issues with connectors. You may also need to examine the cables to ensure everything is in order.


  • Re-attach the plug if it has come off.
  • Replace the plug if it is old and non-functional.
  • Call a customer care service agent who will conduct a diagnosis and guide you on what to do.
  • Ensure the battery has proper voltage.

6. Mower Blades Problem

The mower may experience problems such as disengaged blades, or belt problems. Most of these problems will cause the blades to stop working.

Also, the seat safety switch issue and battery capacitation are some of the things that are likely to cause the problem. 

Sometimes, the blades will turn on but turn off as fast because they draw more current than the battery can supply. Also, the edges could turn off if the PTO switch.


  • Replace the seat switch if it doesn’t engage the blades.
  • Always ensure the safety switch is on.
  • Ensure the brake switch is working.

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7. Transaxle Issue

The mower may be unable to move forward or backward because the transaxle cannot transfer the power from the engine to the wheels.

Typically a transaxle spins when the engine starts up; however, this will only happen if you operate the pedal.

Thus, the transaxles may fail if there is a problem with the gear selector or clutch pedal. Also, if the engine has a problem, the transaxle will likely experience issues.

In some cases, the JD Z930M will make a lot of noise if the transmission fluid is contaminated or old.


  • Turn the engine off and remove the transmission key.
  • Fix the clutch problems.
  • Disengage the blades and remove the battery.
  • Troubleshoot and change the fluid.
  • Remove the caps on the transmission tank and drain the excess liquid.
  • Replace the filters.

8. No Power At The Ignition

Sometimes the JD Z930M will experience starting problems if left in the garage for a week or so.

Thus, there will be no power at the ignition if the battery runs down. Similarly, when the parking brakes get engaged, or cables are loose, there will be no power at the ignition.

Also, the tractor may experience starting problems if the fuse blows out. Similarly, it will not start if there is an electrical fault.


  • Jumpstart the battery or replace it if dead.
  • Replace the fuse.
  • Check the wiring system.

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9. Firing Problem

Sometimes, John Deere mower may refuse to fire if there is a problem with the coil or wire problem. This may happen due to the crystallization of the wire.

In some cases, the spark plug may fire intermittently, making it hard for the mower to start. If the tractor experiences the problem but starts, it will likely stall in a few seconds.

Often, this happens if the induction coil is faulty and does not send sufficient power to the plug. 

Thus, if the spark plug electrodes are won out, wet, or covered with combustion deposits, the plug will not fire.

Also, if any other part of the engine malfunctions, for instance, when the fuel-to-air ratio is improper or a broken engine seal, it is likely to malfunction.


  • Clean the electrodes.
  • Replace the spark plug.
  • Cut the coil wire and splice the end.

Troubleshooting John Deere Z930M Problems

Engine sputteringDirty/contaminated fuel– Clean or replace the fuel filters
Spark plug issues– Check and replace spark plugs if necessary
Air intake blockage– Inspect and clean air filters
Transmission leakageDamaged seals or gaskets– Replace the faulty seals or gaskets
Overfilled transmission oil– Drain excess oil from the transmission
Blocked fuel filtersAccumulated debris and dirt in filters– Clean or replace the fuel filters
Low-quality fuel– Use high-quality fuel and add fuel stabilizer if needed
Bad fuseElectrical overload or short circuit– Identify and fix the electrical issue
Electrical coil issueFaulty ignition coil– Replace the faulty ignition coil
Wiring problems– Inspect and repair damaged wiring
Mower blades problemDull or damaged blades– Sharpen or replace the mower blades
Loose or damaged belts– Tighten or replace the belts
Transaxle issueLow or contaminated transaxle oil– Check and replace the transaxle oil if needed
Mechanical damage– Inspect and repair or replace damaged components
No Power At The IgnitionDead battery– Charge or replace the battery
Faulty ignition switch– Replace the ignition switch
Firing ProblemClogged fuel injectors– Clean or replace the fuel injectors
Ignition timing issues– Adjust the ignition timing
Faulty ignition coil– Replace the faulty ignition coil

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What Users Feel About The Mower

Most users agree that John Deere Z930M is a good tractor. The mower is fast and can move at 10 miles per hour. Besides, fixing broken or worn-out parts is pretty quick.

Overall, users have found plenty of other good things in the tractor. For instance, it is comfortable and well-engineered for mowing tasks.

Therefore, it is an essential and must-have tool if you own a sizeable tract of land.

John Deere Z930M Reviews

JD Z930M is one of the mowers designed for professionals. The machine comes with a strong deck and features a powerful engine.

Also, the tractor comes with an excellent TuffTorg Model TZT-13 transmission. The transmission makes the mower cut stubborn grass with ease.

Therefore, it is one of the best tractors to consider buying for stubborn grass and more challenging lawns.

The tractor is comfortable and easy to operate. Besides, it can take care of any lawn on hills or under trees.

John Deere Z930M has a powerful Kohler® courage TM V-twin engine. This is a robust engine with massive torque.

Thus, it is the best candidate for handling challenging mowing tasks. In addition, the machine comes with a full-pressure lubrication system and a cast iron cylinder liner that gives it a longer lifespan.

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How You Can Lower John Deere Z930 M’s Deck

To lower the John Deere Z930M deck, start by taking the deck off. This may sound complicated if you are doing it for the first time.

However, it is a simple task if you have the correct spanner. Just remove the bolts that secure the deck onto the frame and remove the wheels.

But you may need a helping hand when taking off the deck. Once done, you may take off the nuts and cotter pins holding onto the wheels.

Problems From Other John Deere Z Series

John Deere Z920M Problems

  • The deck height problem.
  • PTO shutting down.
  • Clutch problems.
  • Transmission problem.

John Deere Z950M Problems

  • Leaking transmission
  • Blade problems
  • Engine spluttering
  • Blocked fuel filter
  • Bad fuse

John Deere Z960M Problems

  • Pump problems
  • Transmission system problem
  • Engine smoke problem
  • Starting problem

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John Deere Z930M code 5-6 error

When John Deere PTO refuses to engage, the computer tosses a 5-6 error. This may happen with either the push or the pull type switch. Replacing the switch with an upgraded rocker switch could solve the problem. But if the wire leading to the PTO is cut, Z930M will still post the same error. So ensure to reconnect the wire to make the PTO engage in the usual way.

What engine does John Deere Z930M use?

John Deere Z930M comes fitted with a 25.5 HP fuel engine. This is an efficient air-cooled vertical shaft engine. The machine has plenty of exciting features, including a robust torque per inch of displacement. Besides, the engine is fuel efficient, and if lubricated properly, it becomes less susceptible to wear. The feature makes the tractor the most appropriate for mowing uneven terrain or a hilly area.

Where was John Deere Z930M manufactured?

John Deere Z930M features a 25.5 Horse Power Kawasaki engine. Besides, the John deere mower is manufactured in North Carolina, USA, has an 11.5 fuel tank, a hydrostatic transmission system, and a 54” deck. It weighs 1365 lbs, and measures 13×5-6 front tires and 24×12-12 rear tires.

Final Thoughts on John Deere Z930M Problems

If your home sits on a piece of land that is more than an acre, keeping it tidy may be an added expense if you hire a helping hand.

But you can change this task to a DIY job if you buy a new or used John Deere Z930M mower. This efficient mower has a massive 25.5 hp output and a hydrostatic transmission.

JD Z930M is known for its fuel economy and can move at a maximum speed of 10mph.

Unfortunately, the tractor comes with John Deere Z930M problems which you must learn to fix to enjoy its services.

You will need to learn how to change filters, drain and replace the old oil. Besides that, you’ll need to learn how to clean or replace the air filters to help keep the tractor in good shape.