Who Makes John Deere Lawn Mowers?

who makes john deere lawn mowers

The mystery around who makes John Deere tractors gives many pro-made-in-America JB mower owners sleepless nights.

Some suspect the company makes their mowers outside the country and brands them as Made in America.

So, what’s the truth? Who makes john deere lawnmowers? More importantly, does JD source parts from outside the country? Let’s find out.

Who Makes John Deere Lawn Mowers

John Deere manufactures most of its lawn mower systems at its 100%-owned US-based facilities. However, a few parts are outsourced to third parties, like Yanmar, Kawasaki, Kohler, and Briggs & Stratton.

John Deere Tractor Systems: Who Makes What?

The following is a breakdown of the major companies that make various John Deere tractors, mowers, or parts in different countries.

1. Modern Tool and Die Company

Modern Tool and Die Company (MTD) is an American company specializing in outdoor power tools, including tractors and lawnmowers.

It makes several cheaper, non-commercial tractors for JD and other mower and tractor companies.

Additionally, it makes ignition keys, ball joints, and starters for various John Deere tractors and mowers.

The John Deere AM 133094 model is an excellent example of an MTD-built John Deere tractor.

2. Kawasaki

Kawasaki is a major Japanese brand that makes powerful mowers and tractor engines. Therefore, it makes the engines for some of John Deere’s high-end tractors and mowers.

For instance, the John Deere X300’s engine is made by Kawasaki (See John Deere x300 electronic control module problems). Specifically, the X300 operates on the Kawasaki FH 491V engine.

However, you have nothing to worry about, as Kawasaki engines are highly reliable and serve many other tractors and mowers globally.

Their engines boast a heavier build and guarantee increased maneuverability.

3. Yanmar Holdings Co.

Yanmar is also a Japanese company. It specializes in agricultural machinery and produces reliable engines, specifically diesel engines. Indeed, Yanmar is the pioneer of mass-produced diesel engines.

John Deere works with the company to develop compact utility tractor engines, which are then shipped to John Deere assembly plants in the US. Their engines are compact, efficient, and high-quality.

For instance, the John Deere 750, 755, and 770 engines are made by Yanmar. Yanmar also makes John Deere 4044/4053M tractor engines.

5. Kohler

Kohler Co., founded in 1873 by John Michael Kohler, is an American company headquartered in Wisconsin.

It’s best known for plumbing products. However, the company also makes furniture, cabinetry, generators, and engines.

John Deere sources some of its smaller tractor and lawn mower engines from Kohler. For instance, John Deere model M318 uses the Kohler Command CH2O engine.

The company’s four-stroke gasoline engines are mainly characterized by overhead valve (OHV) designs and V twin-cylinder liners.

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6. Briggs & Stratton

Finally, Briggs & Stratton is among the world’s largest outdoor power equipment engine manufacturers.

It’s also a leader in designing and manufacturing standby generators, energy storage systems, and lawn equipment.

Briggs & Stratton mainly makes engines for John Deere’s 100 Series mowers. For instance, the S140 mower’s engine is made by Briggs & Stratton.

The reliable 22hp engine boasts a V twin design and vertical crankshaft for maximum convenience.

Briggs & Stratton engines are compact and powerful, and reliable. They are also low-maintenance.

Are John Deere Mowers Made by MTD?

No. There’s a common misconception that MTD makes John Deere mowers and tractors. This isn’t true.

John Deere makes its tractors at the John Deere company facility founded and owned by the John Deere family.

What Brands are Made By MTD?

MTD makes equipment and parts for nearly all the major tractor and mower makers. The following are a few major brands with MTD equipment or parts in their inventories;

  1. YardPro
  2. Sears Craftsman
  3. Weed Eater
  4. DynamMark

Where are John Deere Mowers Made and Assembled?

Most John Deere tractors and mowers are made in the US. However, the company outsources manufacturing some parts to companies outside the US.

For instance, John Deere has three plants in China and several in India, Brazil, and Argentina.

That said, all John Deere tractors are assembled in the US. The largest John Deere mower assembly plant is located in Horicon, Wisconsin.

Are John Deere Lawn Tractors of Good Quality?

Yes, John Deere products are highly durable and the most reliable today.

In one survey of more than 10,000 John Deere lawn tractor owners, only 22% of the tractors broke down before they were four years old.

Good news! Should you encounter any issues, there is a whole John Deere fault code list to assist you in promptly diagnosing and resolving problems.

What Engines Do John Deere Mowers Use?

John Deere uses various engines across their line of lawn and farm tractors.

However, if you’re wondering who makes John Deere engines, Kawasaki, Yanmar, Briggs & Stratton, and Kohler are the leading names.

Are John Deere Engines Made in China?

Yes, some John Deere engines and parts are made in China. This is a bitter pill to swallow for many pro-American-made products.

However, if it helps, John Deere assembles all its tractors in the US. Moreover, the company’s Chinese plants mainly target the Chinese market.

What Engines Do John Deere Zero Turn Mowers Have?

John Deere zero-turn mowers use different engines. For instance, Z500 Series zero-turn mowers run on V-twin engines rated up to 24hp.

Meanwhile, many Z700 Series zero-turn mowers use FS Series engines. MTD and other brands make the engines.

Where are John Deere Mowers Sold?

John Deere lawn mowers are sold at nearly all Big Box stores, including Lowes and the Home Depot.

You can also find John Deere mowers at a few hardware stores and some home improvement stores. E-commerce platforms like Craigslist, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace are other places to check.

Alternatively, find a local dealer. The company doesn’t have an established flagship store. However, a few third-party mower and tractor dealers happily carry their items.

Ask the company’s customer support for the nearest John Deere dealer, and they’ll gladly help.

John Deere Lawn Mower Prices: How Much Does a John Deere Mower Cost?

John Deere mower tractor prices vary widely. For instance, the 100 Series mowers range from $2299 to $3199. The cheapest is the S100, while the S180 is the most expensive.

Series 100 mowers are ideal for more than one-acre lawns and range from 17.5 hp to 24hp. You can cut up to 2 acres on a single charge.

Series 200 mowers are slightly more advanced and, therefore, more expensive. They range from 21.5hp to 22hp and cost $2999 (S220) to $3599 (S240).

Meanwhile, X300 Series with TwinTiuch forward and reverse pedals costs between $3799 (X330 42-inch) and $7499 (X394).

Finally, X500 series mowers cost between $7,699 (X570 48-inch) and $9599 (X590 54-inch), while X700 Series JD mowers cost $7999 (X750) to $11989 (X730).

Both boast iTorque Power Systems and bigger deck sizes, some as wide as 60 inches.


Does MTD make John Deere lawn tractors?

No. MTD doesn’t make all John Deere lawnmowers. The company only makes a few John Deere mowers, especially non-commercial, low-end units, while John Deere makes the majority.

Nevertheless, MTD Holdings, owned by Stanley Black & Decker, specializes in making outdoor hand and power tools.

Where are John Deere lawn tractors made?

John Deere lawn tractors are made in several factories within and outside the US. For instance, the utility and compact utility tractors are made in Augusta, Georgia, while the AG tractors are made in Waterloo, Iowa.

Meanwhile, some lawn and garden tractors are in Greeneville, Tennessee, and others in Horicon, Wisconsin.

Are John Deere lawnmowers made in the USA?

Yes, most John Deere lawnmowers are made in the USA. Indeed, all John Deere riding mowers are manufactured in Horicon, Wisconsin, from parts made entirely in the US.

However, JD has additional facilities in 7 different countries, including China, Brazil, Mexico, and India. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to separate JD mowers made in the USA from those made in other countries.

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Who makes John Deere zero-turn engines?

The engines in John Deere zero-turn mowers are mainly made by Yanmar and Kawasaki.

Yanmar makes most of the engines, and their agreement with John Deere dates back to the 70s. Meanwhile, Kawasaki makes engines for larger mowers, such as the X300 riding mower. It’s best to check the product label.

Where are John Deere zero-turn mowers made?

All John Deere zero-turn mowers are assembled in the USA, specifically in Horicon, Wisconsin, and Waterloo, Iowa.

More importantly, most of the parts are made in the US. However, some parts, especially the engines, are sourced from third parties in Argentina, France, India, and Mexico.

Where are John Deere riding mowers made?

John Deere riding mowers are assembled in the US. The company has at least 15 primary manufacturing locations across the US for this purpose.

Indeed, most John Deere riding mower parts are also made in the USA. However, JD has additional manufacturing plants in 17+ locations outside the USA, including three in China.

Does John Deere make push mowers?

Yes, John Deere makes several push mowers. There are a few claims online that the company is phasing out push mowers.

However, you can find six walk-behind mowers on their website. These are models W36M, W48M, W36R, and W48R. Note that all six are commercial mowers, priced between $6,154 and $8,499.

What is the best oil for John Deere Lawnmowers?

The best oil for John Deere lawn mowers is John Deere Turf-Gard SAE 10W-30 Oil. This high-quality oil is specifically formulated to meet the requirements of John Deere engines, providing optimal lubrication and protection.

Check the owner’s manual for the exact oil specifications and maintenance guidelines for your John Deere lawn mower model.

You can also check John Deere Hy Gard Equivalent for more options.

Final thoughts on who makes John Deere mowers

So, who makes john deere lawnmowers? John Deere makes most of its lawnmowers and tractors in the US.

However, it also outsources some equipment and parts to third parties within and outside the US.

For instance, Kawasaki, a Japanese company, makes several John Deere mower engines. Kohler (US-based) and Yanmar (Japanese) also make Joh Deere engines and parts.