15 John Deere X300 Problems & Quick Fixes

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The John Deere X300 Select Series Lawn Tractors are heavy-duty. They are quiet, comfortable, stable on the slopes, easy to ride on rough terrain and in any weather.

They’re known for high-quality cuts even at high speeds and can mow up to 3.5 acres.

John Deere X300 Select Series Lawn Tractors are also versatile—they’re compatible with various attachments—carts, material collection systems, the MulchControl™ kit, and others.

But still… they come with their fair share of problems. Knowing these unique John Deere X300 problems and fixes for various models will save you time, money, and head-scratching.

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15 Most Common John Deere X300 Problems and Fixes

Tackling turf troubles? Check out these 15 John Deere X300 problems and clever fixes to keep your lawn tractor running smoother than a freshly mowed field.

1. John Deere X300R problems – combustion chamber complains

Failure to clean the combustion chamber to remove excess hard carbon deposits from the valve train and piston rings results in the build-up.

The deposits cause problems like failures or bad starts and shutdowns. The fix for this is cleaning your tractor’s combustion chamber regularly.

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2. John Deere X300R excess fuel consumption problem

A slightly nonfunctional carburetor will cause the engine to consume excess fuel because it will not mix air and fuel in the correct proportions.

You’ll also encounter this problem if your throttle does not open properly. To solve it, adjust your carburetor at the top and make sure your choke cable works perfectly.

3. John deere x300 fuel pump problems

This problem develops over time after the fuel pump sensor is ineffective. With a faulty sensor, your pump will not be able to regulate oil flow into the carburetor.

As a result, your engine will not get enough fuel to start. You might also have instances where the mower shuts down.

It’s easy to diagnose and fix a faulty fuel pump. Usually, a stuck solenoid valve is the problem.

Unscrewing the solenoid and then cleaning it up by spraying a carburetor cleaner fixes the problem.

4. John Deere x300 mower deck problems

John Deere X300 mower deck problems can impact the efficiency of the lawn tractor.

Common issues include uneven cutting, belt slippage, PTO clutch malfunction, excessive vibration, and belt breakage.

Improper deck leveling, worn-out blades, or loose belts may cause uneven cutting.

Belt slippage can result from worn-out or loose belts, debris accumulation, or incorrect tension. PTO clutch malfunction can occur due to electrical wiring issues, worn-out or damaged components, or improper engagement adjustment.

Excessive vibration during operation may indicate unbalanced blades, damaged spindle bearings, or worn-out deck components.

Belt breakage can be caused by excessive wear, improper tension, or debris accumulation.

Regular maintenance and adherence to manufacturer guidelines for deck adjustment, blade replacement, and belt maintenance are crucial in preventing and addressing these problems.

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5. John Deere X304 problems – engine misses or stops

The main cause of this problem is mostly a broken spark plug, or a wrongly adjusted carburetor. Also, a faulty ignition coil will cause engine misses or the engine to stop.

To fix these issues, ensure the mower runs on a fully functional spark plug wire, and a well-adjusted carburetor.

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6. John Deere x300 hydrostatic transmission problems

A number of users complain about John Deere X300 Lawn Mower transmission problems.

While you can always go to a Deere dealer for repairs if the transmission needs replacing (it’s an expensive affair, you’re looking at spending at least $1,000 on a new transmission).

It’s also possible to fix the problem on your own. Sometimes, the solution is as easy as changing the oil.

7. John Deere X370 problems – Excess vibration or shaking

A John Deere X370 could vibrate excessively because of various reasons. This includes damaged engine mounting bolts, debris in the mower, worn-out deck belt, bad clutch, spindle bearing damage, unbalanced mower blades, etc.

If your Deere X370 vibrates excessively, stop the engine because you risk permanent damage or ruining an important component. You might end up spending hundreds of dollars trying to fix it.

The fix for this is replacing or fixing loose or missing components, checking for no spindle and blade damage, and ensuring the deck components are in perfect shape throughout the mowing season.

To avoid these problems, try running some checks before mowing and cleaning them afterward.

This and regular maintenance will ensure you notice any developing problems and resolve them as soon as possible. A stitch in time saves nine, remember?

8. John Deere x300 engine problems

John Deere x300 Kawasaki engine is known for its reliability and performance.

However, you might experience some issues. From rough running to loading issues, engine overheating, and backfiring, you need to prepare for engine problems.

Luckily, most engine fixes are easy, especially if they catch them early.

With proper maintenance and regular servicing, the Kawasaki engine in the John Deere X300 can provide dependable performance to tackle your lawn care needs.

9. John Deere x330 problems – Starting concerns

A simple search online brings up cases of X330s with starting issues. Like every other engine, diagnosing a mower starting problem or an engine not starting at all is difficult.

The possible cause in a Deere X300 could range from the usual suspect (carburetor), to low voltage, air or water being locked in the fuel system, worn-out battery terminals, broken wires, etc.

Possible solutions (try troubleshooting the common problems) and fixing them. If you can’t pinpoint it, take it to a professional for a more advanced diagnostics test.

10. Rough running

Most problems you’ll experience with a X300 John Deere will start and end with the carburetor. A common x300 problem is running rougher than expected.

The fix for this is changing the ignition module. You might also want to check the cooling fan, the choke cable and ensure your electrical connection is wired correctly.

If you are new to this, don’t DIY. Call an expert.

11. Steering problems

It’s not uncommon for x300 users to struggle with turning left or right while mowing.

While these cases are few and far between, it’s good to know what to do if you encounter this problem.

Unfortunately, this is not an easy fix. It’s rather mechanical because you need to fix small parts in the gears. Trial and error is discouraged.

12. John Deere X310 engine overheating

This is a common problem. It happens whenever the cooling fins are clogged. Constricted airflow raises the engine temperature, resulting in overheating.

Overheating can also affect the steering power. Another thing that’ll make your tractor overheat is insufficient coolant in the radiator.

13. John Deere X310 problems – slipping belt

If your X310 lawn tractor has a slipping belt issue, check out if there is debris in the pulley, if the machine is running on a worn-out belt, or if there is incorrect tension on the belt.

These three are reasons a belt might slip during operation. The main solution to the issue is cleaning the belt and the pulley or replacing the belt and the pulley.

14. John Deere x300 electronic control module problems

The John Deere X300 may experience electronic control module (ECM) problems. The ECM manages various tractor functions, including engine performance, fuel efficiency, and emissions control.

Possible causes of ECM problems include electrical system issues, software glitches, environmental factors, or component failure.

To address ECM problems, check electrical connections, update software, protect the tractor from environmental elements, and replace faulty components if necessary.

ECM problems in the X300 are rare. Regular maintenance and prompt attention to issues can help prevent them.

Consult a certified John Deere technician for accurate diagnosis and resolution of ECM issues. Proper care and maintenance will ensure optimal performance and longevity of your John Deere X300.

John Deere x300 troubleshooting

John Deere X300R Mower deck problemsCarburetor malfunction or throttle not opening properlyAdjust the carburetor and check the throttle to ensure it opens properly.
John Deere X300R combustion chamber problemsExcess hard carbon depositsRegularly clean the combustion chamber to remove carbon deposits.
3. John Deere X300R excess fuel consumptionNonfunctional carburetor or improper throttleAdjust the carburetor and ensure the choke cable works correctly.
4. John Deere X304 Fuel pump problemsFaulty fuel pump sensor or stuck solenoid valveClean the solenoid valve by spraying carburetor cleaner on it.
5. John Deere X304 Mower deck problemsSlipping belts or improper levelingLevel the mower on a flat surface, choose the correct cutting height, and tighten or replace the belts as necessary.
6. John Deere X304 engine misses or stopsBroken spark plug, wrongly adjusted carburetor, orEnsure the spark plug wire is functional, adjust the carburetor correctly, and check the ignition coil.
faulty ignition coil
7. Transmission problems X370 lawn tractorNeed for transmission oil change or repairsChange the oil in the transmission or consult a professional for repairs.
8. John Deere X370 Excess vibration or shakingVarious reasons such as damaged engine mounting bolts,Replace or fix loose or missing components, check for spindle and blade damage, and ensure the deck components are in good shape. Regularly clean the mower before and after use.
debris in the mower, worn-out deck belt, etc.
9. John Deere X370 steering problemsMechanical issuesSeek assistance from a mechanic for technical fixes.
10. John Deere x350 engine problemsVarious engine-related issuesAddress engine problems early by troubleshooting common issues and fixing them. Consult a professional for advanced diagnostics if needed.
11. John Deere X350 starting problemsMultiple potential causes such as carburetor, lowTroubleshoot common problems like low voltage, air or water in the fuel system, worn-out battery terminals, or broken wires. Seek professional help for complex issues.
voltage, or fuel system issues
12. John Deere X350 rough runningCarburetor issues or faulty ignition moduleReplace the ignition module, check the cooling fan and choke cable, and ensure proper electrical connections. Call an expert if you’re not familiar with the process.
13. John Deere X310 steering problemsMechanical issuesMechanical fixes involving small parts in the gears may be required. Avoid trial and error and seek appropriate professional assistance.
14. John Deere X310 engine overheatingClogged cooling fins or insufficient coolantClean the cooling fins to ensure proper airflow and maintain the correct coolant level in the radiator.
15. John Deere X310 slipping belt problemsDebris in the pulley, worn-out belt, or incorrectClean the belt and pulley, or replace them if necessary, to ensure proper tension and operation.
belt tension

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John Deere x300 rear axle recall

The John Deere X300 lawn tractor has experienced a rear axle recall. This recall is due to a potential defect in the rear axle assembly.

The defect can cause a loss of power to the rear wheels, posing a safety hazard during the operation.

The manufacturer has notified affected owners and should take immediate action. Contact an authorized John Deere dealer to schedule a free inspection and potential repair of the rear axle assembly.

Trained technicians will carefully examine the rear axle assembly for defects and perform necessary repairs at no cost.

Compliance with the recall is essential for operator safety and accident prevention. If unsure about the recall status, contact a local authorized dealer or visit the John Deere website for more information.

Promptly addressing any potential safety concerns ensures the safe operation of your John Deere X300 lawn tractor.


How long does a John Deere X300 last?

The John Deere X300 will serve you for up to 10 years—an average of 5,000 mowing hours. However, you can push the time limits of an X300 mower beyond the average lifetime if you perform regular maintenance.

Is a John Deere X300 any good?

Reviews from John Deere X300 series users show the X300 Select Series Lawn Tractors are reliable, easy maintenance, versatile and durable. If you want a lawn mower for the long run, the John Deere X300 is a good choice.

How much does a John Deere X300 cost?

The John Deere X300 price depends on the specific model of the X300 Select Series you want. There are different prices for each model and it keeps changing with time.

Your payment plan will also inform the price. You can get a no-interest payment plan if you pay it off for nine months from John Deere dealerships across the USA. You can pay it off in 60 months with a 4.9% annual interest rate.

Final Thoughts on John Deere x300 problems

The John Deere X300 Select Series Lawn Tractors have their flaws, but they are not a deal breaker. These are problems you can fix if you’re handy and open to challenges.

Users of this tractor series swear by it. From durability to efficiency and user comfort, John Deere X300 Lawn Tractors are an asset. When regularly maintained, a X300 will give you more than 10 years of service.

We hope you get to make the most of your John Deere X300.