6 Kubota M5 111 Problems and Quick Solutions

Kubota M5 111 Problems

The Kubota m5 111 model is perfect for both large and small-scale commercial work. Additionally, it’s the best mower for trimming grass on hilly and uneven terrains.

The brand is renowned for its quality product and, in support of that, sells many units across the country.

However, despite its perk and trusted name, beware of several issues you’re likely to encounter when using this model.

This article focuses on major Kubota m5 111 problems and their troubleshooting options. Read on to learn more.

6 Common Kubota M5 111 Problems

1. Kubota M5 111 Engine Breakdowns

You’ll notice engine problems when the mower fails to start or starts hard. Additionally, your tractor’s engine lacks power and will operate at lower speeds.

Unfortunately, the engine, the primary power source, will impact the mower’s performance if it breaks down.

In worst cases, the diesel may shut off while the mower is running, which could inconvenience you. This occurs due to an incorrect fuel injection pump timing or if the engine didn’t warm up enough.

Your engine may fail to start due to a clogged fuel filter. Similarly, a broken fuel injection pump could cause the issue.

Also, the engine could knock if the radiator cap leaks or when air is trapped in the fuel pipe. Lastly, engine breakdown could occur due to insufficient fuel level in the tank.

The Fix

If the engine starts hard, you’ll want to replace fuel filter element. Also, you could try bleeding the fuel line to purge any trapped air.

If the engine doesn’t operate optimally, consider replacing the clogged fuel injection nozzle and pump.

Alternatively, adjust the fuel injection pump timing to the recommended level and check the fuel system for dirt and debris. Lastly, ensure the engine is at the right temperature before operating the mower.

2. Kubota M5 111 Transmission Issues

Some users have complained that the transmission makes noise or becomes hard to shift. This occurs due to an incorrect backlash or worn-out gears.

Similarly, worn or broken shift forks could result in transmission issues. Also, this problem manifests itself with external oil leaks due to work seals or gaskets.

The Fix

Replace worn-out gears and ensure the backlash is accurate. Similarly, inspect the shift forks and bearings and replace them if necessary.

Also, check the transmission oil in the housing and top up as required. If the oil is stale or contaminated, you’ll want to replace it entirely.

If the gears are hard to shift, change the linkage, moving them to see if it resolves the issue. If this is futile, change or fix the misaligned clutch and replace any broken components.

Additionally, if your mower includes a transmission oil filter, clean it to eliminate blockages. Also, try replacing the relief valve if it’s stuck.

Lastly, inspect and replace worn-out gaskets and seals to prevent external oil leaks. Also, check the transmission fluid level and drain any excess liquid.

3. Kubota M5 111 Overheating Issues

Another prevalent concern with this Kubota model is the engine overheating. Besides affecting the mowing efficiency of your tractor, an overheating engine speeds up the degradation of major components.

Typically, you’ll encounter this issue if you overwork the engine or operate the mower with an improper radiator airflow.

Incorrect airflow occurs when the radiator cap breaks or the radiator core is broken. Similarly, the fan belt could be worn or broken.

Also, overheating occurs if the system has an insufficient coolant and a low oil engine oil level.

The Fix

Inspect the radiator cap for leaks and replace it if it’s broken. Also, check and clean the dirty radiator core. When dirt reaches the radiator, it restricts airflow, causing overheating.

Cleaning the radiator is simple using an air compressor to blow out the debris from the fins.

Next, check if there’s sufficient coolant and top up as required. If the fan belt is broken, the only solution is to take the mower to a qualified service person and have it replaced.

Also, inspect the oil’s viscosity since it may vary with age or weather. If there’s insufficient oil, top up as required.

4. Kubota M5 111 Steering Issues

Various users have raised concerns with the Kubota M5 111 steering system. Usually, the steering wheel is loose and plays freely. This is due to worn cylinder seals or steering column rods.

In addition, the issue could lie within the hydraulic steering pump. Another likely cause is a faulty power steering control valve.

Also, the steering could become stiff, making it hard to control the mower. This could be due to insufficient steering fluid or a clogged steering filter.

Similarly, the steering wheel stiffens if the hydraulic steering pump becomes defective. Additionally, stiff steering could occur due to incorrect tire pressure or a leaking steering cylinder.

Lastly, you may notice that the tractor pulls off to the left or right when you’re mowing. This could be due to worn or misaligned bearings at the front wheel.

The Fix

Inspect the steering column and replace it if it’s broken. Check for a faulty steering pump and make the necessary replacement. Also, if the control valve breaks or wears out, you’ll want to change it.

For a stiff steering wheel, clean or change the steering filter and top up the steering fluid to sufficient levels. Also, try to adjust the toe-in and change the tire pressure.

Additionally, replace worn cylinder seals and piston rods. Check and correct the power steering control valve if the tractor tends to pull in one direction.

Also, inspect the steering cylinder for damages. Alternatively, adjust the toe-in to the correct settings and replace worn-out steering linking parts.

Also, if the front wheel bearings are off or worn out, adjust them correctly or replace them entirely. Lastly, inspect the tires and fill them to the correct pressure.

5. Kubota M5 111 Engine Doesn’t Crank

Multiple users have reported instances when their Kubota M5 111 engine fails to crank.

This is also a common problem with other models, such as the Kubota L3901. However, note that this issue is inherent to most Kubota models.

For example, this could occur if the battery doesn’t have enough charge. Similarly, if the battery cells are dead, the engine won’t crank.

Also, incorrect wiring could result in cranking issues. This may be due to a faulty cable connection on the battery’s terminal.

Also, dirt and corrosion may affect the circuit, disrupting power flow. If your Kubota mower’s engine doesn’t crank, inspect the battery first to rule out any culprit.

The Fix

Lucky for you, fixing an engine that fails to crank is quite simple. First, try cleaning the battery terminals and replacing any faulty cables to 1see if it troubleshoots the problem.

Also, inspect your battery’s voltage using a Voltmeter. If the reading is low, you should replace the battery.

6. Kubota M5-111 Def Problems

Modern diesel engines utilize Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), a mixture of urea and deionized water, to minimize air pollution. This mixture improves your engine’s power and enhances fuel efficiency.

However, users have raised concerns about faulty sensors in their Kubota tractors. This is an alarming concern since your safety relies on the mower’s working condition.

Similarly, the DEF tends to freeze, particularly during the winter. Since it comprises water, the fluid expands when frozen, damaging your tractor’s DEF tank.

The Fix

If the DEF sensors are defective, you may need to access them and replace the entire system. You could do this with the help of the user’s manual or hire a mechanic to carry out the task.

If the diesel exhaust fluid freezes, don’t attempt to melt it using any additive lest you damage the tractor. Instead, install a DEF system with a heating effect to prevent the fluid from freezing.

Alternatively, park your tractor in an insulated garage, especially during the cold months.

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Kubota M5 111 Review: Is It Worth It?

The Kubota M5 111 is a mid-sized model that delivers more power than other tractors. So, if you need extra power without compromising on the mower’s weight and size, this is the tractor for you.

This model by Kubota delivers up to 105.6Hp, and includes 4-wheel drive, making it the ideal option for challenging tasks.

Additionally, Kubota’s variable hydraulic transmission technology makes this tractor easy to operate, regardless of your experience riding mowers.

The variable hydraulic transmission gearbox offers 3 speed variables, including low, average, and high. With the different speed settings, you can tailor the mower to suit the specific task you have at hand.

In addition, the tractor’s power steering allows you to change the mower’s direction without having to stop the tractor.

Besides being a powerful mid-sized mower with a user-friendly transmission, the Kubota M5 111 is built for versatility.

Thus, you can deploy it in construction and agricultural applications without expecting any let-downs.

While it has its share of setbacks, most of these issues are inherent to all tractors, and you’ll need to find a way around them.


How much horsepower is a Kubota M5-111?

The Kubota M5 11 includes a diesel engine that delivers up to 105.6 Hp. Additionally, this model comes with three transmission levels to help you achieve a low-hassle mower performance. Generally, the M-series from Kubota is a reliable line of tractors that’ll suit your needs.

Can you delete DEF system on Kubota Tractor?

You can disable or deactivate the DEF system on your Kubota tractor. Removing this system will make your tractor operate at peak performance and efficiency. Unfortunately, the DEF tank in the Kubota M5 11 tractor is placed in an incorrect position. As a result, it produces heat that damages the tractor’s sensors.


Although users have complained about the recurring issues with their Kubota M5 111 model, it doesn’t make this tractor worth avoiding.

On the contrary, this is a reliable model that can easily carry out the designated tasks. Moreso, there is no perfect tractor brand, and issues are bound to occur in one way or the other.

With some luck, you’ll be able to troubleshoot common Kubota M5 111 problems on your own. However, some issues will require that you visit your dealer or a certified repair shop to have them fixed.