9 John Deere X570 Problems and Quick Solutions

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If you’re steering your trusty John Deere X570 through the garden and hitting some bumps, worry not!

This handy guide’ll unravel nice pesky problems that might be bugging your prized mower.

From engine hiccups to deck dilemmas, we’ve got the know-how to tame those troubles.

With our friendly and informative quick fixes, you’ll soon be mowing like a pro again.

So, let’s rev up our engines and get ready to bid farewell to those John Deere X570 Problems. Your garden paradise awaits, and we’re here to ensure you enjoy every moment.

John Deere X570 Problems

  1. Engine problems
  2. Engine struggles to start
  3. Rough running engine
  4. Overheating engine
  5. Uneven grass level by the garden tractor
  6. Mower deck vibration
  7. Engine emits black smoke
  8. Engine loss power
  9. Lawn Tractor Electrical Failure

1. Engine Problems

We must admit, of all the John Deere X570 problems we’ve seen users complain about, this is slightly common.

But as you’ll discover, that’s no cause for alarm. Some of the engine problems are easy to fix. The John Deere X570 engine may not start if it has a faulty starter.

This happens whenever the starter solenoid or the starter magnet is faulty. Poor wire connections or a blown main fuse will also cause the John Deere X570 engine not to start.

Dirty spark plugs are another serious cause of engine starting issues in John Deere X570. Dirty spark plugs will not produce enough spark to start fuel combustion.

Another reason is the battery failing to store charge, which makes it impossible to start the engine.

A battery that does not hold enough charge will not power the ignition system or the spark plugs to start the machine.

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2. Engine Struggles to Start

This is a slightly recurrent issue in John Deere X570. The tractor struggles to start if it has stale fuel, low fuel levels, or too much fuel in the fuel tank.

Stale fuel lacks combustibility—usually lost over time—making it hard for the engine to burn the fuel.

Loose electrical connections, corroded cable terminals or corroded battery terminals could also cause engine starting problems.

With corroded cable and battery terminals, the battery does not supply enough voltage to the ignition system and spark plugs.

The ignition system requires proper voltage to start the engine, so, when the voltage is even slightly lower, your John Deere engine will struggle to start.

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3. Rough Running Engine

John Deere X570 Problems Image

Every lawn tractor somehow allows dirt particles into the machine through the mower deck or some other open part.

After using it for some time, the engine’s air filters get clogged with debris and dirt. When the air filter element gets clogged, it prevents the flow of sufficient air into the engine.

Insufficient air to the engine results in partial fuel burning, resulting in the engine not producing enough power, which is why the engine runs rough. You also can’t expect it to run efficiently.

Clogged filters / Fins

Insufficient air flow to the engine due to a clogged air filter element will prevent the fuel from burning completely.

When this happens, carbon deposits from the impartial fuel combustion block the fuel injector nozzle.

A dirty fuel injector nozzle supplies imbalanced fuel and air to the combustion chamber, causing the engine to run rough or even misfire.

Running on dirty and blocked cooling fins is another reason for a rough-running John Deere engine.

Blocked cooling fins cause the engine to overheat and run rough, especially when idle. It may also lead to blown gaskets.

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4. Engine Overheating

Some lawn tractor users complain about engine overheating during operation. Broken cooling fins could be the reason you’re experiencing this problem.

That, or blocked cooling fins. This is because less air flows to the engine to cool it.

Incorrect oil levels

Your engine will overheat if the engine oil is at an incorrect level—below or above the correct level.

When the engine oil level is low, it gets too hot because of its poorly lubricated parts. The friction between parts results in the engine overheating.

Again, when the engine’s oil level is high, the oil foams and loses its lubrication power, resulting in the engine overheating because of high friction.

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Clogged filters

The engine overheats if the lawn tractor has clogged air filters. A clogged air filter element obstructs air from getting into the engine.

There will be less cooling and the temperature will rise if there’s not enough air into the engine.

Excess engine load on the tractor will also cause the engine to overheat because the tractor will be operating at an abnormal rpm. Besides overheating, excess engine load reduces the engine’s service life. This problem is also common with John Deere X590.

5. Uneven Grass Level by the Garden Tractor

Some John Deere X570 users also complain about uneven grass levels. One of the possible causes for this is uneven tire pressure.

It causes the mower deck to be tilted on one side and with that comes this problem.

Tilted mower deck

You can expect unevenly cut grass if the mower deck inclines towards one side, even if it’s just a slight inclination. The blades will rotate at an inclined angle.

To avoid this, ensure the mower’s tire pressure is the same for all wheels. Once the tire pressure is even for all tires, the blades will be on the same level and you’ll have a clean, level cut.

Unbalanced blades

Unbalanced blades leaning more towards one side also result in uneven cuts.

The tilted side cuts the grass lower, causing uneven grass cut, especially when working on high grass. To correct this, balance the blades on the mower.

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6. Mower Deck Vibration

Some users of the John Deere X570 experience excessive vibration while operating the machine.

Mostly, excessive vibration is caused by the debris and pebbles that get stuck in the mower deck during use.

Loose blades

Loose blades cause excessive vibration in the mower deck and the lawn mower. A worn drive belt will also cause excessive vibrations in a lawn tractor’s engine.

That’s because a worn drive belt causes other parts to work inefficiently, which results in excessive vibration.

Disengaged throttle

Another easily overlooked cause for excess vibrations is when the throttle body is damaged or not fully engaged.

Always ensure the throttle is fully engaged to avoid such excessive vibrations. Also, fix or replace a damaged throttle body.

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7. Engine Emits Black Smoke

After a period of using this John Deere tractor, some users have made complaints about the tractor emitting black smoke.

Dirt clogged fuel filters or dirty fuel pumps is the main reason why machine emit black smoke.

A dirty fuel pump or a dirt clogged fuel filter will allow dirt into the tractor’s combustion chamber. When the engine burns dirty fuel, the tractor produces black smoke.

Information from a John Deere tractor forum reveals that low coolant levels also cause tractors to emit black smoke.

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8. Engine Loss Power

Incorrect oil level

Tractor owners from a John Deere tractor forum complain that their tractors sometimes experience engine loss power. One reason this occurs is if there is excess oil level.

In excess, the oil foams and loses its lubricating power. When this happens, there is high friction between the tractor parts which stop operating optimally.

Old fuel

An engine loses its power if it runs on old fuel in the fuel tank. When old fuel stays in the tank for a long time, it evaporates and ends up clogging the fuel system.

A clogged fuel system contributes to the engine losing power because there is a disruption in the fuel supply.

Low fuel

Not having enough fuel in the fuel tank adds to the problem, especially if there is a heavy engine load.

When you have low fuel in the tank, the fuel pump supplies less fuel for combustion and when there is less fuel available for combustion; the engine produces less power.

Running tractors on faulty fuel pumps or any component in the fuel system also hinders power to the engine. This is because there is not enough fuel to be burned to produce power.

9. Lawn Tractor Electrical Failure

Poor electrical connections are the major contributor of electrical failure in the John Deere X570 mower.

With the mower, the main electrical connection issues are mainly in the event of a blown main fuse, a faulty starter, or poor wire connections. You can easily solve this by checking if there is proper wiring.

Alternatively, you might need to get a new starter if the starter is the issue and it is beyond fixing.

Troubleshooting John Deere X570 Problems

Engine Problems– Low fuel or old oil– Check and refill fuel and oil levels<br>- Change the engine oil regularly
– Dirty or faulty spark plug– Clean or replace spark plug<br>- Ensure proper spark plug connections
– Clogged fuel filter– Replace the fuel filter as needed
Engine Struggles to Start– Weak or dead battery– Charge or replace the battery as necessary
– Faulty starter motor– Have a professional technician inspect and repair the starter motor
Rough Running Engine– Dirty carburetor or fuel injectors– Clean or replace the carburetor or injectors as needed
– Air leaks in the intake system– Inspect and seal any air leaks in the intake system
Overheating Engine– Blocked cooling fins– Clean the cooling fins and ensure proper airflow
– Faulty cooling fan– Check the cooling fan operation and replace if necessary
Uneven Grass Level– Unbalanced mower deck– Inspect and balance the mower deck<br>- Ensure blades are sharp and properly aligned
– Damaged or worn-out deck– Repair or replace any damaged components in the mower deck
Mower Deck Vibration– Loose or damaged parts– Tighten all fasteners and inspect for damages
– Unbalanced or damaged blades– Balance or replace the mower blades as needed
Engine Emits Black Smoke– Excessively rich fuel mixture– Adjust the fuel-air mixture<br>- Clean or replace the air filter
– Clogged air filter– Replace the air filter if necessary
Engine Loss of Power– Clogged fuel filter– Replace the fuel filter as needed
– Worn-out spark plug– Replace the spark plug if it’s old or damaged
– Carburetor issues– Have a professional technician inspect and tune the carburetor
Lawn Tractor Electrical Failure– Loose battery connections– Check and tighten battery connections
– Blown fuses– Replace any blown fuses
– Damaged or frayed wires– Inspect and repair damaged wires


How long will a John Deere X570 last?

On average, most tractors last around 5,000 hours, translating to around five years of active service. However, with proper maintenance, the X570 series guarantees up to 10,000 service hours.

Where is the John Deere X570 made?

The John Deere company manufactures its products in the United States and Germany. The company manufactured the X570 series tractors in their USA factory in Horicon, Wisconsin.

How much can a John Deere X570 tow?

When manufacturing the tractors in this series, the John Deere company installed a 24-horsepower engine.

It comes with a mounting space on its heavy-duty chassis. If towing capacity is important to you, the X570 is a good choice mower. It has a towing capacity of a maximum of 363 kgs. We think that’s a decent towing capacity for a mower.

Does John Deere X570 have power steering?

The John Deere X570 series mower comes with a hydrostatic gearbox, which allows hydrostatic transmission.

For smooth steering and cruise control, the tractors in this series come fitted with power steering. Users get to steer the machine with great ease and unmatched comfort.

What’s the price of a John Deere x570?

The current price for a new John Deere X570, at the time of writing this article, is $7,799. The prices keep fluctuating but mostly going up.

We think the X570 is one of the best tractors for the price. It includes John Deere Easychange™ 30-second oil changes equipped with exclusive four-wheel drive and power steering features.

You can always get zero rates of interest on the purchase of the X570 lawn tractor at only 60 months and save a couple of hundred dollars when there’s an offer. It’s always valid only for purchases from participating American dealers.

John Deere offers 0% APR loans for up to 60 months. The loan is non-interested. However, every dealer offers different pricing and types.

What do people think about John Deere x570?

John Deere X570 Garden Tractor is a good choice for beginners and more experienced users. With its 24HP power output, it cuts grass easily and efficiently.

Majority of the users are happy with the results. It’s quick to install and effective when used on slopes.

The X570 also has starter magnets and oil filters that are easily replaceable. This makes it easy for users to perform maintenance on their own. It’s also easy to clean this tractor’s parts.

John Deere tractors are superb, and the X570 series is dependable.

Final Thoughts on John Deere X570 Problems

The John Deere X570 tractor may occasionally have problems, but it is a good and reliable machine compared to other tractors.

Comments and reviews from users point to this utility vehicle being sturdy, reliable, easy to use and maintain.

Whether you want a lawn mower that cuts a lawn flat or a vehicle that tow, John Deere X570 fits the bill.

For optimal performance, carry out regular maintenance.